Record of Abstract of Wills

Warren County KY
transcribed and complied by Annie Walker Burns, 1936
compiled and submitted by Mike Oliver & Sharon Tabor

Will Book B 1814-1823
page numbers are from the original will book;
personal comments in ( ) are from Mrs. Burns


ALEXANDER, Reuben. Will. Wife. Land in Grayson Co, Ky. Sons, Jesse, James, William Masten, or Marten, Reuben. Daughters: Polly, Caty, Rachel. Executors; wife Ruth and Masten or Maren Elmon. Dated April 20, 1816. Witnesses Edward Thompson, John Shay (?), Philip Jones. Recorded November Court 1816. pg144

ARMOR, Thomas. Will. To Byrd La???'s negroes all my wearing apparel. Mentions ? Lanier. Wife; Polly. Step daughter, Jane. Dated July 12, 1813. Wit. Daniel St???, Samuel McDonald, Byrd Lanier. Recorded May Court 1814. pg1

BALLARD, Reuben. Will. Children Bethsheba Potts, Bentley, William, John, Cloe, Alexander, Loving, Beda miller. Grandaughter Polly Balard. Executors: son Bentley Ballard and Jonathan Potts. Dated September 8, 1820. Mentions Reuben, son of Loving ballard. Wit. Jno. Loving, Jos. Feland. Recorded november court 1820. pg336

BARNETT, John. Inventory appraisers, Thomas Punly (?), David Bratton, Robert Price. November 15, 1819. Recorede February court 1820. pg276

BERRYMAN, Jesse. Will. Wife Bouce. Children; Lucy Lanier, son, Austin, son Burrel, William Jerusa, W. Masters, Polly Hoss (or Hass), son Howell, Peggy J., Sarah, nancy, Elizabeth, Gency. Executors; wife Boyce and two sons William and Howell. Dated january 21, 1818. Witnesses, W.C. payne, John Whiteseth, Carter White. Recorded July court 1818. pg185

BLAKEY, B.K. Inventory Apprisers, A.T. Mitchell, C.M. Ransdall, William Gossom. Appraisment made on November 1, 1821. Recorded April court 1821. pg419

BOATMAN, Simon. Inventory. Appraisers. Benjamin Martin, William Lewis, Nathan lewis, Sworn before Daniel Doughty J.P. September 29, 1814. Recorded OCtober Court 1814. pg17

BOUGHTON, John H. Inventory Appraisers; Angus McDonald, John Burnam, William Brown, Sworn before H. Dixon J.P. on April 18, 1818. Recorded April court 1818. pg180

BRIGGS, Thompson. Will. Wife; Elizabeth. To son James T. Briggs a 200 acre survey of land lying in the Barrens between my house and Major Jno. Lovings, speaks of land near Widow Turner and Colonel Ferris Cox. To son John M. Briggs a 200 acre survey in the Barrens between my house and Skiles Mill entered in name of Gladin Gorin. to son William a 200 survey adjoining my house tract on the north west and extending to John Thompson's survey. A 400 acre survey in Christian Co. To son Benjamin Briggs. To oldest daughter Polly Briggs, daughters Susan, Nancy, Elizabeth/ Wife Elizabeth sole executrix. Executors, Robert Briggs and son James. Dated April 17, 1814. Wit. Th? A. Covington, C.M. Ransdale, Richard D. Neale. Recorded July Court 1814. pg7

BURCH, Cheadle. On january 6, 1817, Lewis Wood, Peter R. Beauchamp, stated that on December 23, 1816 Cheadle Burch told them that he wished his wife Frances to have and settle his estate. This noncupative will was recorded January Court 1817. Appraisers appointed were Wm. Anderson, Lewis Wood, William Stagner February 1, 1817. Thomas Bowles acted with Fanny Burch as executor. pg156

BURTON, James E. Inventory. Appraisers. W. Randle, John Burnam, Boyd D. Hendric sworn before J.? Hendrick J.P. October 29, 1815. Recorded November Court 1815 pg84

CARROL, William. Inventory. Appraisers. John McFadin, William Sumpter, Adam Miller. Recorded May Court 1821. Admr. D.r William Mitchell. pg372

CLASBY, William. Inventory Appraisers, William McMerry, (?) Petrie, John Rodgers, Harris William. Admr. Peter Butler. Recorded October court 1819. pg255

CLELAND, Horatio. Inventory appraisers, Hudson Marti, Hugh w. Johnston, Y. Allingham. Appraisment signed Ocotober 12, 1822. Admr. J.R. Underwood. Recorded November court 1822. pg467

CLEMMONS, Thomas. Inventory appraisers: Benjamin Shirley (?), Jonathan Manly Senr., Jonathan Manly Jr. sworn before William Feland J.P. on Ocotober 14, 1820. Recorded April court 1821. pg348

COLEMAN, Thomas. Will. Wife Polly. Children: william , John, Betsey, Frank --? youngest son Thomas, Benjamin Executors wife and sons William and John. Deated Gebruary 29, 1816. Wit. John Ray, Verlinder Ray. On September 9, 1821 a codicile was made, and signed by William Hammond and Boon. Recorded October court 1821. pg377

COOK, Giles. Inventory. Taken February 9, 1819 by appraisers Robert Graham, Robert Rees, James Maxwell. Admr Tully R. Payne. Recorded July court 1820 pg311

COOK, John W. Inventory appraisers: . P. Donaldson, Martin Grider, Smauel barclay, sworn before William R. Payne J.P. on December 30, 1821. Recorded May court 1822. pg431

COOK, Thomas. Will. Wife Expecting increase. My children. Land given me by my wife's mother during her life time. Brothers Peyton and John W. Dated December 24, 1818. Wit. Joepsh B. Lapsley, L.J. Sharp. Giles Cook. Recorded January court 1819 pg209

CONYER, David Inventory apprisment made on Ocotober 18, 1819 by S. Johnson Hudson, H.W. Johnston. They wre sworn before B. McFadin J.P. Recorded October court 1822. pg454

COWLES, Edmond. Will. Wife Ann. Sons, Henry B., Mitcham. Grandson, John Cowles. Daughter, Jane. Daughter Goodales children by Goodall. Sister, Elizabeth Cowles. Several pieces of Property in Va. Dated February 16, 1814. witnesses Samuel Watt, Henry Cowles, David L. West. Test. Jona Hobson, C.W.C. pg35

COURTIS, Chishester. Will. Wife, Janet. Two children, Elizabeth and James. Executors, Robert Harreld, John Jackson. dated August 14, 1818. Wit. Burwell Jackson, John Jackson, R.V. Hamel (or Hannel). Recorded October court 1818. pg190

COVINGTON, Benjamn Jr. Will. Wife Fanny. Survey patented in name of John Hightower. Executors, wife Fanny, Elijah M. Covington, Thos. A. Covington and John W. Covington. Daughters, Polly, Milly, Lititia and Rachel Covington. Nancy Dockery, Sally Smith. Sons, Isaac, John, Benjamin H., Elijah M. Thomas A., Land in North Carolina purchased of Stephen Thomas. Dated June 8, 1813. Wit. E.W. Covington, Thomas A. Covington. A.R. Morehead. Recorded August Court 1814. pg14

COVINGTON, Thomas A. Inventory Admrs. Eell(?) Covington, J.W. Covington, Appraisers: Thomas Rogers, Mark Rearrs (?), Henry Skiles, William Potter. Recorded January 1819. pg214

CRAIG, John. Inventory court order October 8, 1814. Appraisers, Abraham Reece, James Maxwell, Robert W. Lucas, sworn before John Rountree, J.P. on October 13, 1814. Recorded January Court 1815. pg62

CULLEN, Benjamin. Will. Wife, Sarah. Sons Mayo and Charles W. unmarried children as they come of age, Mary M., John W., Josiah W., Benjamin. Executors Josiah Wright, William Perkins, wife Sarah. Dated July 22, 1820. Wit. Isaiah Wright, Ann Wright. Rec. Oct. court 1820 pg334

DAVID, Henry. Inventory appraisers, Miles Cooksey, Cornelius Gant, D.W. Hacney, sworn before W.C. payne J.P. on April 23, 1822. Recorded July Court 1822. pg450

DICKERSON, Isham. Will. Wife----  Famil. Executors Daniel Doughty, John Dickerson. Dated Movember 29, 1819. Witnesses Thomas Potter, Joel Dickerson. Recorded January Court 1820 pg267

DOAK, Alexander. Will. Children John H. Oldest daughter Polly Billings by 2nd daughter Patsy Hunt, 3rd daughter Isabel Doak, 4th daughter Nancy Doak, 5th daughter, Lucinda. 2nd son William 3rd son Alexander A. Wife. Margaret. dated October 18, 1820. Wit. John Billingsby, John Smith. Recorded April Court 1821. pg361

DONALDSON, Charles M. Inventory Appraisers, Joseph Reese, Robert Moore, David T. Smith sworn before Simon M. Hubbard J.P. on November 8, 1814. Recorded November court 1814. (Sally must have been the wife.) Tests Jona Hobson, C.W.C. pg51

DUFF, Samuel.  Inventory. Appraisers, William Perkins, William B. Adams, Abraham Laurence, John Jackson, Edward Lynch, Sworn before John Hines J.P. on October 19, 1816. Recorded November Court 1816. pg146

DUNN, Edmund. Will. Dated December 1, 1818. Wife Sally. Children, Lewis, William, Polly Brown, Betsey White, Nancy Haly. To Grandson John Dunn. Executors, sons Lewis and William and wife Sally. Wit. Will Smith, Asa B. Gardner, John C. Smith, Samuel Greathouse. Recorded November court 1819. pg264

DUNN, James. Inventory appraiswers. Elijah Upton, William White, John Putman sworn before Thomas Sterrell J.P. January 20. 1818. Recorded February court 1818. pg176

EARNEST, Aaron. Will. Children to be taken care of by my son William. Children: Jacob, Cartin, John, ????, Aaron, Henrietta, till youngest daut Polly comes to age of ten. Son; Joseph. Exec. Geroge Hudspeth, William Harriss. Dated April 24, 1814. Wit. J.M. Robert, George Hudspeth, ??? Duff, George Harriss. Redorded May Counrt 1814. pg1

ELLIS, Johnson. Inventory. Apprisers, Anthony Griffin, Joh Pulliam, Joshua Buckhannon. Sworn August 15, 1814 before John Ray, J.P. Recorded October court 1814. Administrators, Elijah Cusinbary and Obedience Ellis. Teste. John Hobson. pg27

EVANS, Abner.  Inventory. Appraisers Thomas A. Covington, George Hurdman, James Harney, Henry Skiles sworn before J.H. Smith J.P. on November 16, 1816. Recorded December court 1816 pg153

FISHBACK, James. Inventory. Appraisors Jacob Dry, John Godley, James Stark, sworn before John Ray J.P. on April 21, 1814. Recorded May court 1814. Administrator, John Fishback. pg3

FOX, Henry. Will. Wife. Sarah. For support of my wife and education and support of my younger children Benjamin park, Julian, Franklin, Priscilla Taylor, Henry Jones, Madison Franklin, until the year 1827. Other children named are John, William ---(?), Betsy Stone, Sally Stone, Peggy Woods Fox. The children of my daughter Marth C. Harris. The hcildren of my duaghter Jane Buttersworth. Executors, wife Sarah, son John, Friends William Mitchell, Thomas Herrill, Francis Johnson. Dated Nov. 5, 1818. Wit. Samuel S. Brooking, Wade J. McFadin. Recorded Jan. court 1819. pg206

FORSYTHE, William. Inventory. Appraisers, William Gossom, Alexander Stuart, James Berry, Robert Reese. Sworn on August 8, 1815 before S.M. Hubbard J.P. Recorded August court 1815. pg80

FORTNER, Micajah. Inventory appraisers, Moses Mitchell, Nathan Scott. William Scott. Recorded February court 1820. pg277

FRANKLIN, Joel. Inventory. Appraisers: D. Maxwell, John White, James Gatewood sworn before William Feland, J.P. january 5, 1818. Recorded court of January 1818. His widow Polly. pg172

GIBSON, William. Inventory. Appraisers, John B. Smith, John Hendricks, Norman Clardy, Joseph Shutts sworn of before David Harris J.P. October 8. 1814. Recorded November Curt 1814. Teste. Jona Hobson C.W.C. pg40

GOODE, Samuel. Will. Brothers Robert and John O. Dated April 14, 1820. Wit. John Quisenberry, Simon Jenkins, Salley C. Goode. Recorded October Court 1820. pg319

GOODMAN, Elizabeth. Inventory appraisers, John Honaker, James Lykens, Allen McDonald sworn before Thomas Herrell J.P. on April 3, 1820. Recorded April court 1820. pg281

GOTT, John. Inventory appraisers: Robert Reese, Thomas Hill, Godfrey Smith, sworn before John Keel J.P. on May 6, 1822. Recorded may court 1822. Admr. Sutton Gott. pg420

GRAHAM, Robert. Will. Wife, Ibby. Children: Alexander, Robert, David, Jane, Nancy, Ibby Eliza, Clarinda, Rebecca Bratton, Peggy Hogsett. Executors: Samuel Barclay and Alexander Graham. Dated September 3, 1821. Wit Archer W. Graham, John H. Graham. Recorded May court 1822. pg427

HALEY, Berryman. Inventory Appraiser, Berd D. Hendrick, Neel Hall, William Murphy sworn before John Wallace J.P. on December 15, 1818. Recorded January court 1819. pg207

HAMMOND, James. Inventory appraisers, Joseh Covington, Samuel Whitesides, Abner Anderson sworn before John Porter J.P. on April 10, 1819 (from sale list I judge Elizabeth the widow). Rec. may court 1819. pg233

HATCHER, Hillery. Inventory. Appraiser: John Garland, John Chapman, Jess Kerby, Jr., sworn before John A. White. J.P. on October 22, 1822. Moses Helm. Admr. Recorded February Court 1823. pg486

HAYS, John Jr. Inventory appraisers, John Wright, Henry Howard, Levi Greathouse sworn before Hudson marlin J.P. May 29, 1821. (Rachael the widow I think). Recorded Jly court 1821. pg375

HEARD, Elizabeth. Inventory appraisers: William A. Adams, Isaiah Mobley, Reezin B. Collins. Appraisment made October 11, 1820. Admr. John Heard. Recorded December Court 1820 pg339

HENDERSON, Frances. Will. To daughter Lucy Gaines wife of Thomas L. Gaines. Dated November 29, 1816. Witnesses Bennett W. Clark, Mecajah Clark, Sarah C. Hines. Recorded February court 1818. pg176

HENDRICK, John. Inventory appraisers. Godfrey smith, John A. Todd, Joseph Petty, sworn October 7, 1822 before J.H. Smith J.P. Recorded January court 1823. pg476

HENDRICKS, Byrd D.. Inventory. Catherine Hendricks, widow, admr. Recorded July Court 1821. pg376

HEWNS (or HEWIS), Thomas L. Will. Wife Nancy. Children: Theophilus, Samuel, Rebecca Lambert, Nancy Foster, Betsy Black, Rachel. Executors: wife, Nancy and Daughter Rachel. Dated August 27, 1822. Wit. Henry Hines, james Howle, barbara Hill. Recorded December court 1822. pg474

HOWARD, William B. Inventory appraisers, Joh(?) Robinson, Bennett Henderson, Abram M. Skaggs. november 28, 1818. Administrator Wm. Collins. Recorded Fegruary court 1820. pg275

HOWETH, Lawrence. Will. Wife Betsy. Our children. Mentions land in Butler Co., a military survey. Executors Alexander Graham, Francis Porter Sr. Dated March 19, 1818. Witnesses: A.M. Robinson, W.C Graham, R.F. Slaughter. Recorded April court 1818. pg178

HOWERTH, Lawrence. Inventory appraiser John Keel, J. Vanmeter, Admr. Alexander Graham. Recorded April court 1823. pg513

ISBELL, Elliott. Inventory appraised by Westal Hill, Thomas Hill, Allen Nomack on April 19, 1817. They wre sworn before Elias B. McFadin J.P. on April 18, 1817. Recorded April court 1818. pg174

JACKSON, Burwell. Inventory Admr. Thomas Bowles, R.W. Ryland signed appraisment march 29, 1823. Recorded April court 1823. pg519

JACKSON, Chesterfield. Will. To Leroy Jackson. To William Marshall. To my cousin Elizabeth H. Marshall. To Leroy Jackson's son Clinton. To Cahterine Esther Marshall daughter of William Marshall. Dated September 9, 1822. Wit. David H. Phillips and Humphrey Marshall. A codicile was witnessed by David H. Phillips. To my mothers brothers and sisters my tract of land lying in Robinson Co. Tenn and my interest in a tract of land lying in N.C. Recorded October Court 1822. pg460

JAMES, Fielding. Inventory appraisers, Benjamin Bowdston, Mordacai Conners, George Wright sworn before William Feland J.P. on November 5, 1818. Recorded January court 1819. pg209

JENISON, Dr. Martin. Inventory Appraisers; Wm. Dunn, Lander I. Sharp, Peter R. Beauchamp appraised estate on Aug. 24, 1816 sworn before John Keel J.P. on February 4, 1817. Rec. Feb. court 1822. pg382

JENISON, Martin. Will. Son, Alfred. Mother Rhoda Jenison. Sister, Abigail (among other bequest to her he gives her a goldmedal with his name on it.) Brother Jonathan all of the town of Walpole N.H. Thomas Bellows of Walpole guardianship if son Alfred. To Jonathan Hobson; to Henry Shanks. Executor, Jona Hobson. Dated July 30, 1815. Witnesses, Henry Shanks, Leander J. Sharp. Recorded July court 1816. pg104

JENNY, Abel. We, Johnson Ellis and John Ray being appointed commissioners to settle with Samuel Garrison administrator to the estate of Abel Jenny deceased and Samuel Woods of the state of North Carolina, also administrator of the said estate in North Carolins, Orange Co., etc., etc. Recorded November court 1815. pg44

JOHNSON, Jedediah. Will. Two sons, Francis and Johnson. Deated Nov. 18, 1814. Witnesess, Edmund Swinny, Stephen Hackney, recorded July court 1815. pg74.

JOHNSON, John. Inventory appraisers: David Smith, Bolin Clark, Edward Burns. Sale held June 14, 1820. Recorded October court 1820. pg326

JOHNSON, Moses. Will. Wife. Daughter Winfred Piper. Three children that live with my wife Hannah Johnson, Isaac Johnson, William Johnson. No date. Witnesses, John Johnson, Isaac Johnson. Recorded Nov. court. 1815. pg83

JONES, Tarlton. Inventory appraisers; Anderson Jones, John Neale (?), James M.--Lucind Jones was administrix. Recorded April court 1821. pg354

KEEL, James. Will. Wife Mariah. Sons James, John, Jesse, Abraham, Thomas, Isaac, Jacob, Asa, father of my grandchildren Samuel Asa Keel, solomon. Grandchildren, Maria Willia, Late Maria Tadlock, John H. Tadlock, Sevier Tadlock, and Sally salmon Tadlock children of my daughter Sally Tadlock, and Sally Salmon Tadlock children of my daughter Sally Tadlock deceased. Executors, Sons James and John. Dated march 8, 1819. Wit. Jona Hobson, Leander J. Sharp. Recorded July court 1819. pg238

KEEL, Jess. Inventory appraisers, T. (or P.) Donaldson, A.T. Mitchell, William Follin, sworn before John Keel J.P. on September 13, 1822 and October 5, 1822. Recorded October court 1822. pg459

LAMBERT, Nicholas. Inventory. Appraisers, John M. Robertson, Daniel Skaggs, James Barnett sworn before J.H. Smith J.P. May 15, 1815. Recorded November court 1815. pg83

LAMBERT, Mary. Children Lucy Benbrook, Polly Nivion(?), William. Daughter in law Susannah Leaton. Nieces: Polly Leaton, Lucy Blewitt, Nancy Moore. Executor William Leaton. Dated March 26, 1823. Wit. W.C. Payne, Charles Master. Rec. April court 1823. pg525

LANIER, Byrd. Inventory appraisers Josiah Wright, Benjamin Cullin (Collins?). Lanier signed inventory. Recorded July court 1819. pg239

LEE, Anna. Inventory. Appraisers John Penner, John Honaker, John Young, Jesse Grubbs sworn before A.T. Mitchell J.P. November 17, 1818.  Recorded December court 1818.  pg203

LOWERY, William. Inventory appraisers: Elijah Upton, Joseph Taylor, Richard Morrow, sworn before Thomas Sterrett J.P. on Nov. 12, 1816. Recorded NOvember court 1820. pg341

LYNN, Edward. Will. Wife Penny Lynn. All my children namely: John, Joseh, Nancy, Elizabeth, Martha, Polley. Dated April 3, 1816. Witnesses Easton Whitten, Josiah Whitten, Reuben Osborn. Recorded May court 1816. pg103

MADISON, Thomas. Inventory takes by request of Patrick H. Madison administrator. Appraisers B.W. Lucas, Cha Campbell, John McDonald sworn before A.T. Mitchell J.P. on August 28, 1819. Recorded Oct. Court 1819. pg258

MAGEE, William. Will. Wife Sally. Sons, Andrew, William, Daughters. Nancy, Sally. Dated March 24, 1814. Executors my wife and her brother William Lowe. Witn. James Thomas, Hezekiah Owen, nancy Owen. Recorded Cotober Court 1814. pg18

MANNEN, Hardy. Inventory appraisers, James Crawford, John Howard, Wm. Hartp were sworn before Hudson Martin J.P. on may 16, 1820. Rec. Apr. court 1821. pg369

MARTIN, Thomas G. Will. Wife Charlotte. Sum due me by William Cermought. Executors. Josiah Wright and Robert Briggs. Sons James Wesley, Thomas, Greenberry; Daughters Elizabeth Jones, Anna and Rachel Martin. Dated May 16, 1814. Witnesses Josiah Wright, Edmond Foster, John Foster. Recorded July Court 1814. pg8

MAXWELL, David. Inventory. Appraisors Martin Shobe, James M. Blaky, William Murphy, John Rountree sworn before William Feland J.P. on April 22, 1819.  Recorded July Court 1819  pg.242  

MAY, James. Inventory appraisers, William Nash, James Maxcey, John Maxcey, Knight B. Curd. Administrator Thomas Rawles. Rec. April court 1819 pg225

McCLUNG, William. Will. Wife Polly McClung. Two daughters, Esther and Margaret. John Walker of Caldwell Co. owes me $200.00. $114.00 due me in Va. In right of my wife. Executors, wife Polly and friends David and George Reed. Dated July 2, 1814. Witnesses, John Loving, Abraham Anderson, John Jones. Recorded November Court 1814. pg39

McDONALD, Angus. Inventory made March 30, 1821. Appraisers Will Smith, Martin Shobe. Recorded April Court 1821. Elizabeth was his widow -- Admr. William Allen pg355

McDOWELL, William. Will. Wife. Brother -- Samuel I. McDowells children. My sister Lucind Brashear and her children. Dated September 19, 1821. Wit. Samuel McDowell, R.T. Mitchell, Thomas I. Moore. Recorded November court 1821. pg387

McDOWELL, William. Will. Children William S. and his heirs, Lucinda Brashear, Georgianna P., Samuel I., Grand-daughter Eliza Gillaspie, Grandsons, William Binney and his heirs. Grandson William McDowell and his heirs. To Pamelia Ann Brashear and her heirs a lot in Harrodsburg. Executors sons Samuel I., and William S. Dated July 10, 1821. This will was proven by the oaths of Samuel McDowell, Joseph S. Lapsley and John Keel. Recorded November court 1821. pg387

McGINNIS, Hezekiah. Inventory. Apprisers, Lee Jackson, Philip Roman, Sr., William Wheeler sworn before Sm. marxhall J.P. on Dex. 18, 1813. Rec. Oct. Court 1814. pg26

McGRAW, James. Inventory appraisers William Steward, William Chaallen, Wm. L. McDowell Appraisment made on Oct. 17, 1821. Rec. Oct. Court 1821. pg379

McKNIGHT, James. Inventory appraisors, Alexander Graham, Robert Moore, William Blakey sworn before J.A. Smith J.P. on July 6, 1821. Recorded May court 1822. pg429

MIDDLETON, John. Inventory Appraisers, Isaac O. Lewis, Anguis McDaniel, Jeremiah Penick. Admr., Thomas Middleton. Recorded April court 1817. pg159

MILLER,  John. Inventory. Appraisers; Hezekiah Holland, Alfred Stevens, Joseph Boxley, Admr. Henry Harpole. Recorded April Court 1821. pg 361

MITCHELL, Archabald. Will. Wife Jemimah. Children: John, Nathan, Elijah, Chesha, Thomas, Arey (?), Nicholas, Betsy, Sally, Executors, James Mitchell, John White. Dated February 19, 1820. Wit: edward G. Chastain, Josiah Wilshire, John Meadows (?). Recorded Nov. court 1820. pg337

MITCHELL, Charles Esq. Appraisers, Abner Evans, George Hurdman, Thomas A. Covington, Jesse Kirby swron before J.H. Smith J.P. on August 5. Recorded (no year) August court. pg76

MOLLY, John. Inventory Admrs. Mathew and Henry Molly, John Ray, John Casey, Robert Price were appointed at May court 1817 to settle accounts. Recorded October court 1818. pg194

MOON, Allen. Wife. Elizabeth. Children: James Roberson, and Liza Moon, George, Joel. Dated Oct. 1, 1822. Wit. David Rasdell and Polly Rasdel. Recorded April court 1823. pg525

MOORE, Robert. Senr. Mentions Mrs. Moore ????? (whom I think is his wife.) Sons in law Martin Grider, Peter R. Beauchamp. Daughters, Elizabeth Beuchamp, Sally Grider. Grandchildren. Executor, Jonathan Hobson, Francis Johnson. dated October 5, 1819. Wit. Samuel Moore, Robert Moore Jr., Thomas Sc Moore, Polly Brown. Rec. Nov. court 1819. pg265

MOORE, William. Inventory appraisers, Jess Perkins, Hezekiah Kemble, Thomas Kimble sworn before William Feland J.P. on April 20, 1822. Recorded Novmeber court 1822. pg463

MURPHY, Hosa. Inventory appraiser, John C. Smith, William Wallace, William Wright sworn before John Wallace J.P. on January 3, 1823. Recorded January court 1823. pg483

MURPHY, John. Will. Wife Rachel. Mentions land in Barren Co. My eight children, William, Hannah, Ferguson, John, Margaret Davidson, Rachel Butter, Isaac, Hosa, Joseph. Executors: sons William and Isaac. Dated August 13, 1818. Wit. J. Thomas, lewis Kinn, J.W. Lucas. Recorded October Court 1818. pg196

NANNY, Abner. Inventory appraiser. Tandi Campbell, Simon Williams, Alfred Goerge, Joseph Alcock sworn on October 11, 1822, beore Elias B. McFadin J.P. John H. Nanney signs statement that appraisment is correct (so I suppose he was admr) on February 3, 1823. Rec. Feb. court 1823. pg496

NEALE, James. Inventory. Appraisers Edward Turner, John Thompson, Robert Briggs sworn August 8, 1814 before John Keel J.P. Administrator Richard D. Neale. Recorded October Court 1814. Note: In appraisment is "act of bond on Adam Rose, Fauquier City (sic) Va. Now in the hand of Samuel Fisher of Second county for collection." pg19

OWENS, James. Inventory. Appraisers Daniel Smith, Amistead Morehead, William E.Graham, James Keel sworn before John Keel J.P. on Nov. 29, 1821. Recorded January court 1822. pg404

PAGE, Lawrence. Inventory appraisers, George Bunch, Bolin Clark, Jos. Moore sworn before Jno. A. White J.P. on July 26, 1822. Recorded April court 1823. pg516

PATRICK, John. Will. Wife Sarah. Four youngest sons, James, Allen, Wiley, Green. Sons William, John, Luke. Daughters, Betsy Taylor, Polly Torrents, Sally Bousman, Nancy. Grandchildren; Wieatt, John and Cahterine McFadden. Executors, son John Patrick and William Taylor. Dated August 29, 1816. Wit. Jno. Loving, Wm. Christian, Ephriam Ellis. Recorded December court 1816. pg150

PINKERTON, James. Inventory Apprisers: Robert McWherter, Charles Epper, son, John Ennis, named March 26, 1816. Recorded October Court 1816. pg140

QUISENBERRY, Aaron. Inventory appraisers, William Gossom, William McPheetus, Simon Jenkins. Recorded July court 1820 pg311

PACE, Edward. Inventory appraisers: James H. Cole, H. Eaton, Warren Moore. Recorded April court 1821. Edward Pace Jr. Administrator. pg349

POTEET, Job. Inventory. Apprisers Thomas Bowles, Daniel Price, George Frazer, sworn before John Porter, J.P. December 12, 1815. Recorded january Court 1816. pg89

REES, Abraham. Will. Dated August 30, 1818. Wife, Hannah. To Jacob Rees and Robert Reese. My daughter Elizabeth Adam. have given other children thier parts. Executors, wife Hannah and Robert Rees. Wit. Giles Cook, Sutten Gott, William Gossom, James Maxwell. Recorded October court 1818. pg188

REESE, Robert. Inventory appraisers William Gossom, James Maxwell, Edward Payne, sworn before H. Dixon on November 4, 1822, Admr P.R. Beauchamp. Recorded November court 1822. pg464

RENICK, William. Will. A. Campbell and John Finnery were called to the home of Wm. Renick on Oct. 22, 1821 to hear his last will. Wife Anna T. Renick. Children Polly Motley, Nancy Hardcastle, Robert, Elizabeth, Graham, Samuel T. Thomas, Wm. Jr., Payton, Isyphema, James Executor son Robert. Dated Oct. 25, 1821. This noncumpative will was recorded November court 1821. pg386

REYNOLDS, James. Inventory Appriasers, Reuben Johnson, Moses Mitchell, Joseph Richardson, John Moore, Jess Perkins sworn before William Feland J.P. on Ocotober 26, 1822. Recorded Nov. court 1822. pg469

REYNOLDS, Robert. Will. Wife. Susannah. Dated February 14, 1814. Executor, Andrew Hodges. Witnesses Isaiah Lewis, George Harriss. Recorded October Court 1814. pg16

RICHARDSON, Richard. Will. Wife Jemina. Children, Richard, Betsey Coats, Polly Brown, Rachael Coats, Jemina Short. John. Executors, William Gardner and son John. Dated February 13, 1819. Wit. Ed Richardson, William Gardner, Nancy Richardson, Eliza Richardson, Angerona Richardson, R.W. Richardson, James Miller, John Brown. On May 10, 1819, Jemina Richardson signs statement that she is satisfied wtih will. Recorded October court 1819. pg252

ROBINSON, David H.  To Brother Alexander M. Robinson whom he names executor. Dated April 23, 1819.  Wit. Leander J. Sharp. Samule Campbell, Solomon Keel. Recorded July Court 1819. pg241

ROMANS, Philip. Inventory appraisers James Taylor, thomas Harriss, William Taylor, sworn before R.W. Ragland J.P. on November 8, 1822. Recorded December court 1822. pg472

RUNNELS, Robin. Inv. Appraisers, John Ennis, Edward Burres, David Smith. On December 26, 1814 sworn before Charles Mitchell. Administrator Andrew Hodge. Recorded January court 1815. pg55

RUNNER, Adam. Inventory appraisers: Robert Middleton, ---(?) Lewis, Samuel Stone sworn before Thomas Sterrell J.P. on November 18, 1816. Recorded February court 1819. pg215

SETTLE, George. Will. Children, Charles, Molly Smith, Thomas (deceased), Hannah Willis, Betsey Young, William, J.M., Isaac, Simon. Mentions heirs of son Thomas Settle dec. Executors: Daniel Doughty, George Russell, John Beckman. Dated May 20, 1820. Wit; Agrible Lawrence, William Willis. Recorded July court 1820. pg310

SHERRY, Richard. Inventory. Appraiser, Joseph R. Allcock, John H. Doak, Tandy Campbell. Sworn before John A. White on Dec. 16, 1820. Admr. Agnes Sherry. Recorded Oct. Court 1821. Note was made that John H. Doak died before this was recorded pg380

SKAGGS, David. Inventory appraisers John Chapman, Charles Epperson, James Barnett sworn before W.R. Payne J.P. on November 16, 1821. Recorded April court 1822. pg413

SKAGGS, James. Will. Sons, Abraham, Joseph, Daniel. Executors, sons Daniel and Joseph. Dated July 21, 1813. Wit. Wm. Harris, Samuel Duff, Robert Duffln Recorded July Court 1814. pg3

SKILES, Jacob. Inventory. Wife Susan K. Skiles aponted executrix. The February 1816 court ordered William R. Payne, John Keel, abner Evans, Joseh H. Smith, A. Covington to appraise estate and they were sworn beore John Keel J.P. who in turn was sworn before William Payne on March 19 1816. Recorded October court 1816. pg111

SKILES, William. Inventory Appraiser, Collins Lenier (?), Thomas W. Taylor, George Hurdman were sworn June 22, 1818 court before J.H. Smith J.P. Administrator Martha Skiles. Recorded October court 1818. pg191

SLOSS, John. Wife Agnes. Children Thomas L., Joseph, Elizabeth Keneday, Sally Blairs, Polly McClain, peggy Stockton, Martha McCutchen, jemima baird, Winiford Baird. Mentions Nancy Proctor. Executors: Joseph and Thomas L. Sloss. Dated January 4, 1823. Wit. Calvin Johnson, Joseph Hodge. Recorded April Court 1823. pg512

SMITH, David. Inventory appraisers Thomas Rogers, John Chapman, Joseph Barclay sworn before John A. White on October 12, 1821. Recorded February court 1822 pg407

SMITH, David B. State of Ohio, Warren, Co. Special court held by the hon. Ignatius Brown, Jacob D. Lowe and George Harlow Esquires apoinate judges within and for the county afsd. the 16 of Nov. 1813 convened on special notice having been given for the purpose of hearing testimony relative to the verbal will of David B. Smith said to have died within the county afsd. Court having been opened the follwing evidence were examined. Viz. Jacob Ambrose being sworn deposeth and saith he was presen ton the 26 of Oct. last at the house of George Earhart in the county of afsd when David B. Smith was lying in a very low state of health hit of sound mind and memory when the said David requested this witness to take notice that he wished George Earhart and his wife Mary Earhart the sister of said David to have and possess as his heirs all his property he posessed or owned in case he should die. This deponent some days before heard the said David make similar declarations where in his perfect senses hit on the above day this deponent was called particular by the said David to take notice in order to prevent disputes -- on the follwing day towit the 27 of October the said David B. Smith died. /s/ David Ambrose (his mark)
John Roads was next sworn and stated that on the 25 of October he was at the house of George Earhart when David called him and requested him to take notice that should etc. There people got the estate and George Earhart was named executor. The state of Ohio Warren County p. I, Jonathan K. Wilds clerk of the court of common pleas within and for the county of Warren aforesaid do herey certify that the aforegoing will and C is truly taken from the records of the court aforesaid. In testimony wehreof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the court aforedsiad at Lebinon the 20 day of May A.D. 1824, J.K. Wilds. Recorded Warren Co KY May 29, 1824.

SMITH, Elizabeth. Will. Executor, Henry Fox. To heirs of daughter Sally Likens. Daughters, Rebecca Shaver, Cahterine, Nancy Wheeling. Sons, John, Rowland, Jacob, David. Dated May 7, 1814. Wit. William Vanlandingham. Isaac O. Lewis, John Jones; Recorded July court 1814. pg10

SMITH, Henry. Inventory apprisers, Wm. Mitchell, Wm. Vanlandingham, Samuel Stone were sworn before Thomas Sterrett, J.P. July 9, 1814. Recorded November Court, 1815. pg46

SMITH, Jane. Inventory appraisers. John F. New, William Lowe, Robet Majers Swron before William Feland J.P. on October 9, 1821. Recorded May court 1822. pg423

SMITH, William. Inventory account of Sales. Appraisers, Simol M. Hubbard, Benjamin Johnson, Litle H. Bryan sworn before John Keel. P.P. on December 10, 1813. Recorded February court 1815. pg68

SWEENY, Edmund. Inventory appraisers: B. Hampton, David Briggs, Henry Hines sworn before Hudson Martin J.P. July 1, 1822. Recorded October court 1822. Admr. John Moreman. Polly the widow. pg453

SNOW, William. Inventory sale held April 7, 1819. Appraisers, John A. Todd, Thomas Roberson, William Hase, Joseph Petty. Rec. may court 1819. pg235

SWOWDEN, Jane. Inventory at October term of court 1817 court oredered Isaac Goodnight, William Totty, Benjamin Martin to appraise estate. John Cole, Admr. Recorded November court 1817. pg166.

SNOWDEN, Robert. Will. Mother Jane Snowden. Sale beneficiary and executrix. Dated November 29, 1813. Wit. D. Walker Jr. Alfred Payne, Andrew H. Cole, John Cole Sr. Recorded August Court 1814. pg16

STAHL, Daniel. Inventory. Appraisment made on October 29, 1814 by William Skiles, Collins Lanier, Peter Covington, Mills Cookzie, Eli Thomas. Recorded November Court 1814. pg41

STAHL, Daniel. Inventory Appraisers. Thomas Rogers, James Shannon, Samuel Reid. Admr. John Stahl. Recorded May court 1822. pg424

STAHL, John. Inventory. Apprisers George Herdman, William Skiles, Collins Lanier, Abner Robertson sworn before M---? Cook J.P. October 12, 1815. Executors, David Stahl, John Stahl. Recorded january Court 1816. pg91.

STANFORD, John. Will. Wife. Son Lucas. Dated July 14, 1815. Wit. James Nicoll, William Lewis, James Masters. Recorded January court 1819. pg211

STEWART. Capt. Alexander. Inventory. Appraisers William McPheters?, Jonathan Baker, Adam Bratten Sworn before A.T. mitchell J.P. on July 20, in 1821. Recorded October Court 1821. pg378

STONE, Thomas. Will. Wife, Elizabeth, Daughters, Franky, Lina, Polly, Cox, Elizabeth. Sons, John, William, Samuel, Thomas. Executors, Thomas Cox and my son John. Dated April 30, 1815. Witnesses, J. Thomas, William Stone, Lina Stone. Recorded August court 1815. pg79

SUBLETTE, Benjamin. Will. Sons, Charlge J., Benjamin, Smauel, Marthen. Daughters, Usley Porter, Martha Garland, Mary Sublette, Salle, Elizabeth. Executors, Sons, Charlge J., Benjamin, Samuel. Dated Sept. 19, 1809. Witnesses. Peter Taylor, John Hines. Ezra Bostick. Recorded February Court 1816. pg92

SWEENY, Edmund. Inventory. Apprisers. B. Hampton, David Briggs, Henry Hines Sworn before Hudson Martin J.P. July 1, 1822.  Recorded October Court 1822. Admr. John Moreman. Polly the widow. pg453

TARDIVEAU, Peter. Will. No relatives living that I know of. To good friend Captain Robert Craddock who has afforded me shelter against poverty -- I might say beggarly these last eight years. Dated January 4, 1817. No witnesses. Samuel J. McDowell, George G. Minor, John W. Cook and Herbert P. Gaines swore this to be Peter Tardiveau's handwriting. Henry West. Apbraham Sharp, Tarleton Drake were appointed to appraise estate if any. It consistes of 25 books, manuscript of his watch, trunk, chest, and a few other items. John Heard Admr. Recorded April court 1817. pg160

TAYLOR, Elkin. Will. Wife, Senca. Brother George W. Father Elkin Taylor. Dated March 6, 1821. (Note where this will was recorded the witnesses stated that Elkin Taylor died about 5th of March last:. pg373

TAYLOR, Joseph. Will. Wife Sarah. Children William, Allen, Joseph, Maryan Cherry, Temppy Smart, Sara, Elizabeth, Charlotty. Executors wife Sarah and sons William and Allen. Wit. Esum? Leers?, James Herdnall. Dated December 1, 1815. Recorded April Court 1819. pg222

TAYLOR, Thomas W. Inventory appraisors; John Garland, John Chapman, Jesse Kerby Jr. sworn before John A. White J.P. on Ocotober 22, 1822. Recorded February court 1823. Admrs. John A. White and Polly Taylor. Inc. notes from Joshua Taylor, Joseph Taylor, acct against James Taylor.

THOMASON, Elias of the County of Louisa and Parrish of Trinity. Wife Mary. Daughters Edna King Thomason, Rhoda Harris wife of Richard Harris. Mentions all of Rhoda Harris children. Executors my two sons in law Robert Harris and Benjamin Harris. Dated April 8, 1895. Wit. Elijah Dickerson, Geroge Thomason. At a court held for Louisa Co. Va on the 8th of June 1897 this will was proved and recorded. Recorded Warren Court Dec. 1820. pg339

THOMPSON, George. Inventory. Appraisers Abner Robertson, Menoah Dyer, Joe H. Smith sworn before J.H. Smith J.P. may 22, 1814. Elizabeth Thompson's (name follows apraisers). Recorded July Court 1814. pg13

THOMPSON, George. Will. Wife Elizabeth. Sons in law, Joseph Anthony, Abner (?) Chapman, david pots, thomas chapman, Hodge Ray. My un-married daughters. Sons: Allen, Goerge, William, Hermon, Lion. Executors: wife Elizabeth and son in law Joseph Anthony. Dated Jan. 7, 1814. Wit. John Hendrick, William Tirker (?), Allen Thompson, George Herdman. Recorded July court 1818. pg187

THOMPSON, Peter. Inventory. Appraisers. George Hudspeth, Abner Robertson, Moses Hunt, sworn beofre Edward Martin J.P. on April 7, 1814. Recorded July Court 1814 pg6

TIGERT, John. Will. dated June 7, 1819. Wife Isabella. To eldest son James 200 acres in Butler Co. Youngest son John. Five daughters. Executors wife Isable, James Lewis, Thomas Rhea. Wit. James Tigert, Jonathan Cox, David Lowry. Recorded April Court 1820. pg281

TOWNSEN, Light Will. Wife Elizabeth. Grandchildren: Sally, Betsy and Polly Townsen. Sons, Benjamin and James. Daughters: Polly Samples, Annee, Lucy, Betsy, Nancy. Executrix, wife. Dated April 25, 1818. Witnesses Edward thompson, james Goring (?), Abner -- (?). recorded November court 1817. pg171

TRUEL, Riley W. David Johnston, Davad Mize, John Shanon, John McIntosh were called upon by W. Riley Truel to hear his last will. Wife Caty. Four children. This occurred on April 12, 1814. Recorded July Court 1814. pg12

TURLEY, Ignatus Sr., Inventory. Appraisers Jess Meadows, Solomon Williams, William Hamon, Sworn before John Ray, J.P. on November 13, 1813. Administrator, Paul Turley. Recorded October court 1814. pg37

TURNER, Beryman. Inventory appraisers John Garland, David Morris, William Leaton, Evan Watson. Adminstrator John Turner. Rec. Aperil court 1819. pg227

WALTHALL, William H. Will. Wife, Polly. Mentions land in Allen Co., My three children by wife Polly. Mariah F., Nancy H., William R., son Bunell R. Walthall. Executors Daniel Doughty, Elias B. McFadin. Dated February 27, 1819. Wit. Mordacai Conyers, Benjamin Boydstun. Recorded May court 1819. pg 2??

WAND (or WARD), Thomas. Inventory apprisers, David Briggs, George Davidson, Thomas L. Stephens, sworn before William R. Payne on April 7, 1823. Recorded April court 1823. pg526

WARFIELD, Elijah. Inventoery appraisers; John Cole, Valentine Dickerson, Robert Stewart. sworn before Daniel Daughty J.P. Recorded October court 1818. pg189

WEATHERSPOON, John. Will. Wife Sarah. Sons, James, William, Major, Wiley, Younger, Daughters, Dorcas, Elizabeth, Polly - when they marry or come of age. Executors, wife Sarah my son James and Brother Hardy Weatherspoon. Dated July 4, 1812 Wit. John Travers, John Beard, Lee Allen, Hugh Hagan. Recorded July Court 1814. pg12

WATT, William. Sale Bill. Administrator Elizabeth Watts. Appraisers William Hickmond, Matthew Knowles, Abraham Wommack, John Barnet. Recorded October court 814. pg23.

WEBB, Martin Sr. Will. Wife. Nancy. My children. Dated August 3, 1816. Witnesses Archibald Miller, Robert Davis, Carter Harrison. Recorded Januar Court 1817. pg155

WELLS, Joseph. Will. Wife, Sarry. Children; Anne, Betsy, james, Thomas H., Joseph, Charles Susanner Bickern, Polly Dillingham, Sally Ragsdall. Dated October 21, 1822. Wit. jacob Auro(?), Wm. Manley. Recorded january court 1823. pg474

WIETT, William. Will. Two children. Son William and daughter Elizabeth Weitt. dated April 7, 1814. Executor, James Barnett. Wit. George Hudspeth, Abner Robertson, Elizabeth Bradshaw. Recorded July Court 1814. pg5

WILKERSON, Wiatt. Will. Dated January 29, 1821. Wife Mary. Grandson Jonathan Parker. Children: Elizabeth R???, Polly Thompson, Wm., John deceased, heirs Sally Searcy, Jesse deceased heirs. Executors Thomas Nichol and James C. Mulligan. Wit. Thomas Nichol, James C. Mulligan, Solomon Smith, James Morton. Recorded July Court 1821. pg374

WILLIAMS, Vincent. Inventory. Appraisors Jonathan Potts, Isaac Smith, Abraham Anderson. Recorded May Court 1815. pg101

WINGFIELD, Joseph and David. Inventory. Administraor John Wingfield. Appraisors, Samuel Watt, John Watt, August McDaniel sworn on Jan. 29, 1814 before D.Maxwell J.P. Recorded May Court 1814 pg3

WOOLSEY, George Sr. Will. Wife Mary, sole beneficiary and executrix. Dated April 18, 1817. Witnesses John Rountree, W.A. Woolsey, John Kemp. Recorded July curt 1817. pg163

WORK, Samuel. Inventory appraisers P. Donaldson, James Morehead, Henry Shanks, were sworn on march 25, 1820 before John keep J.P. Recorded April court 1820 pg94 (294?)

YOUNG, John. Inventory. Appraisers. Moses Hunt, Joseh Gibson, John Adon(?). sworn before John Williams. J.P. on February 15, 816. Adm. John B. Hudson, Randolph G. Young. Recorded April Court 1816. pg93

YOUNG, Matthew. Will. Wife Mary. Children Mary Anne Lewis, Jane A. Liken, Natha M. Executors: son Nathan M. Young and cousin John Young. Dated January 3, 1818. Witnesses John Keown, James Young. pg177