Record of Abstract of Wills

Warren County KY
transcribed and abstracted by Annie Walker Burns, 1936
compiled and submitted by Mike Oliver & Sharon Tabor

Will Book D 1827-1844
page numbers are from the original will book;
personal comments in are from Mrs. Burns

ADAMS, William B. Wife Polly. Two sons in law John S. Jackson, Wm. L. Skillen. The store now carried on in Morgantown by William L. Skillen. Executors, wife and two sons in law John S. Jackson and William L. Skillen. No date. Witnesses Jona Hobson, H.C. Atchison, P.V. Loving. Proved and recorded October court 1841. pg155

ALLCOCK, Joseph R. Wife Stilly. Exeutor, wife. My lawful heirs. My daughter Frances Lively is now deceased -- her two children Gustavus M., and Lucy J. Lively. Dated February 3, 1832. Wit. Simon Williams, Alfred Goerge, Elizabeth George. Rec. June court 1834. pg66

ALLENDER, James A. Wife Cynthia. My two children Letita Frances and James Atwood. Executrix wife Cynthia. Dated may 6, 1844. Wit. Isaac Smith, John W. Stahl. Recorded August Court 1844. pg180
*note: In Mrs.Burns book this is listed after pg244)

ANDREW, Mark. Wife Catherine. Children Jesse M., Sally Deatherage wife of James Deatherage, Mary wife of David Hackney. To heirs of Riley Truett. Dated July 28, 1829. Wit. Samuel King, John King. Recorded September court 1830 pg30

ARNOLD, Rice W. Wife Sarah. Five children, Henry T., Elizabeth, Mariah Hampton, John M., Mary Ann, Leonard R. Executrix wife Sarah. Dated January 8, 1838. Wit. W.C. Payne, M.J. Clarke. Rec. April court 1838. pg123

ARNOLD, Willis. Wife Betsy. Children. executors, wife and Lewis Potter. Dated April 1, 1835. Wit. Elisha Adair, Lewis s. Langston, John Brown. Recorded September court 1835. pg91

BAKER, Jonathan. Wife Sally. Executor James W. Harrison. Wit. Dosha H.V. Johnson, Thomas Clarkson. Dated March 1, 1842. Proved June Court, 1845. pg194

BARCLAY, Hugh Senr. Children Sally Campbell, Samuel, Hugh, deceased Mary Culbersome, Eli: my grandson David Campbell. To Ann and Sarah Jane Barclay two illigitimate children of Eli Barclay. Executors, sons, Samuel and Eli. Dated October 9, 1834. Wit. Williams Volt Loving, Jacob Reese. Recorded December court 1834. pg73

BARCLAY, Samuel. Wife Jane. Mentions sons and daughters and grandchildren but names only children Martha wife of John McLain ?. To son Samuel only Scotts Family Bible. Executors Samuel A. Barclay, Samuel Stubbins, Albert Mitchell. Wit. John H. Graham, George M. Howorth. Dated June 28, 1844. Proved October court 1845. pg201

BEAUCHAMP, Anna. Executors Thomas Beauchamp of Simpson Co. and makes him sole beneficiary. Dated July 5, 1826. Wit. Charles Mills, John McIntosh. Recorded January Court 1838. pg119

BECK, Reubin. To my youngest brother John Beck. Father James Beck to be executor. Dated December 29, 1834. Wit. Edmund Payne, John Davis. Recorded February Court 1835. pg75

BELLAN, James To daughter Joanna. To William and Jacob Bellan. To Pricley Hill and his wife Ezabela; to Ludson G. Patick and his wife Magdalene; to John Maxey and hiw wife Polly (I think these are the children tho they are not so called, tho he mentions children). Dated September 7, 1840. Wit. James P. Howard, Thomas C. Chapman. Recorded November court 1841. pg156

BLACKFORD, Evaline M. Died Feb. 20, 1847. Nuncupative will. To my three youngest children Martha, Mary Jane, Sarah Francis. Wit. John D. Blackford, Elmira Royalty. Proved April court 1847. pg231

BLACKFORD, William H. Wife Damaris Ann. Dated Sept. 9, 1846. Proved by oaths of John D. Blackford and John H. Gorin to be the handwriting of above. At January court 1847. pg226

BLAKEY, Churchwell. Wife Margaret. To Rebecca Baugh. To Israel French the undivided interest of James French, William French, and Ignatious French. Executrix wife Martha. Wit. S.V. Goode, James Cowles, James Boyd. Dated Sept. 22, 1846. Proved Oct. court 1846.pg221

BLEWETT, Thomas H. Wife Susanah Executrix. Children but names only Rebecca H. Young. Fanny Readen, youngest daughter Nancy (I think there wre more). Wit. Eli K. Blewett, Ward McDonald. No date. Proved May court 1848. pg243

BONGLETON, Walker I. To Susan Johnston who lives wtih me whom I recognize as my wife and who has born to me four children that I recognize as mine and call their names William Westley Bongleton, Patrick Henry Bongleton, Elizabeth Catherine Bongleton, and Jamina Bongleton. Susan Johnston may if she chooses make her son Jesse Johnston an equal heir with the above named children provided he will return home and perform his duty as a child. Executrix, Susan Johnston. This will was dictated by Walker I. Bongleton before Samuel Murrell, E. bacon, George Newman, P.W. Drake, M.N. Drake, but before it could be reduce to writing he became deranged as to be in capable of executing it June 7, 1839. Rec. June court 1839. pg136

BOYCE, Jesse. Wife, Nancy. My only Moses Boyce. To Willis Boyce's heirs, James W. Tiller and Thomas Johnson and John W. Hunton. Dated January 28, 1826. Wit. William Wilkerson, Ezekiel Wilkerson. Executor, William Wilkerson, and Moses Boyce. Rec. Jan. court 1829. pg14

BRIANT, Benjamin. Wife Nancy. Son Benjamin. To my other children 12 cents each. Executro Benjamin. Dated jan. 27, 1835. Wit. Noale Palmer, William R. HInes. Recorded July court 1835. pg81

BRYANT, Garnett. Wife Sally. Children James C., Virginia; Land in Miss. Executrix wife Sally. Executors, John Wardlow, James Caldwell and Richard Patterson. Wit. Jona Hobson, Henry G. Mitchell, Nathaniel Lucas. Dated Jan. 1846. Proved Januar Court 1846. pg203

BROWN, James Senior. Merchant of Richmond Va. Seven Children; James, Thomas, George, Alexander, Patrick, Charles Liston, Anna P. George. Mentions a deed of marriage settlement entered into between myself and my wife Anna Petfield Brown Bruine? on Ocotober 9, 1807. Executors sons Alexander Speirs, and Patrick Willis Brown, and my friend joseph R. Underwood. To my illigitimate daughter Sally Brown in the city of Edinborough Scotland the sum of ten pounds per annum half yearly payments -- My Friend Robert Smythe Esq. writer to the signit at on. one Hart St. Edinburgh knows Sally and will under take this mission. Ann told she is sick in bed and not expected to live -- if dead -- tis finished. Sally's brother James the carpenter. To my cousin Mrs. Charles James McHurds and C., my friend Hole Jos. R. Underwood each a mourning ring. Date January 1, 1841. Wit. Albert Snead, David Walker, David Bridges. At a monthy court held for Henrico Co, Va. on April 5, 1841 this will proved. Lofton N. Elliott C.H.C. Produced and ordered recorded in Warren Co. Ky. October 1841. pg151

BURGHER, Joseph. Wife Mary. To son Charles, to son William one dollar and to his heirs all the estate I have coming to me in Va. from the estate of my brother, Benjamin Burgher deceased. To son John. To Charles Burgher's son Joseph. Daughter Rachel Hays wife of Daniel Hays. To daughter Elizabeth Coffee. To daughter Polly Howard. To daughter Ann Burgher. To daugher Magdaline Kuykendall. To deceased son Joseph Burgher heirs viz; Young and Magdaline. Executors, sons Charles and William and James P. Howard. Dated April 20, 1829. Wit. William Carson, Eli Beller, William E. Dixon. Rec. June court 1829. pg15

BURNAM, John. Children, Thompson, Bennet, Mary, Edmund Hall husband of my daughter Nancy, John Alexander. Executor Edmund Hall, and son John Burnam. Dated June 26, 1831. Wit. William H. Fort, Peyton Cooke, William H. Fort. Recorded July court 1831. pg37

CALVERT, Samuel W. Wife, Eliza. Our children, names only the eldest son, Thomas. Executor, wife. Dated may 20, 1837. Wit. Wm. V. Loving, J.H. Graham. Recorded June court 1837. pg114

CAMPBELL, Samuel. To Sarah and David Campbell the two youngest children of my brother David Campbell deceased. To Mary Jane and Margaret the two oldest children of my brother David. My sister Sarah Campbell, widow of my brother David deceased. Executor, Eli Barclay. Dated August 12, 1829. Wit. Henry Shanks, Charles B. Donaldson. Recorded September court 1829. pg19

CAMPBELL, Susan R. Brother James M. Reynolds. My deceased husband Charles Campbell. Youngest son, Richard M. other children John T., Charles R., William R., Grandchildren Susan Regina Patterson, Charles Campbell Paterson. Mentions Richard Patterson and names him as Admr of estate of Charles Campbell deceased. Exexutors, son Wm. R. Campbell. Dated September 17, 1838.

CARPENTER, John F. Wife. Elizabeth. Son Jonathan T. My daughter Mary, wife of Spencer Dunn. Executor son, Jonathan T. Dated Nov. 24, 1835. Wit. Jane R. Snider, Burwell Bryant, R.W. Lucas. Recorded Dec. court 1835. pg100

CARTER, Elam. To my beloved niece Racheal Flurry and her children all propety (including my cabinet makers tools) Dated August 31, 1842. Wit. George Long, Robt. C. Blaky, A.H. Enving. rec. November court 1842. pg166

CASEY, Abner. Wife Christeny. Children Elizabeth H., Nancy L., Drucilla. The books not named I wish divided between the three children except Bottys History that I wish Baxter to have. Executor Samuel Casey. Datd June 6, 1840. Wit. John Riley, Abner Riley, H.W. Casey. Recorded October court 1840. pg146

CASEY, Hilory W. Wife Lauranan. Little daughter Elizabeth Rufina, exeutor my father Samuel Casey. Wit. Noel Johnson, A. Dye. Dated January 17, 1845. Proved Feb. court 1845 pg187

CLARK, Macajah Senior. To son Micajah Clarke, with the balance of my heirs. Executor son Micajah. Dated August 5, 1837. Wit. Joseph Hagerman, John H. Gorin, Henson R. Hagerman. Rec. Jan. court 1839. pg133

CLAYTON, Augustus. Nuncupative will. James P. Spencer, Thos. Clayton, Robert Clayton, Blackley Godall were called on December 26, 1834 to hear the will of old Mr. Clayton. Everything to Sarah Goodall to pay her for waiting on him and her mother. His books to be divided among his sons. Recorded June Court 1835. pg80

CLAYTON, William. Wife Mary. Children William, John, Absolom, Geroge R., Robert, Nancy Flowers, Catherine Jones, Austin Clayton. Executors, son William. Dated Nov. 20, 1841. Wit. R.W. Thomas, Robert Clayton. Recorded January court 1842. pg157

COLLARD, Sally. Three daughters, Jane Fortner, Elinor Collard, Anny Collard. Son James. Executor John B. Martin. Wit, William Sublett, Alexander C. Runner. Dated May 1, 1847. Proved July court 1847. pg238

COLLINS, Nancy. To son Jefferson and names him executor. Wit. D.L. Mansfield, Goerge W. Ronald, John Porter, Jos. A. McConnell. Dated Jan. 3, 1840. Proved October court 1844. pg181

COOK, Edward N. Nuncupative will. Wishes Joseph Covington and Isaac Smith to be executors, wife Sarah. Will made May 13, 1827. Wit. James Foster, Alvin Anderson. Recorded July Court 1827. pg2

COOK, John. Nuncupative will heard by J.M. Briggs. Thomas B. Wright on Jan. 23, 1844. Everything to wife. Rec. May court 1844. pg179
(note: In Mrs.Burns book this is listed after pg244)

COOKE, William. Children, Elizabeth Alicile Cooke, Isram Alexander Cooke, William Peyton Cooke, Mariah Francis Cooke. Requests Henry Thomer and Doctor Ballard to take charge of my property which is in the state of Louisiana. Executors Peyton Cooke of Ky. and George Mason Chichester of Va. Dated July 14, 1823.
State of Louisiana, Paris of Filidiana the above will was proven and recorded October 21, 1823. Thomas W. Chism Parish Judge. Rec. Warren Co., Ky. March court 1830. pg22

COMBS, Ezekiel Hayden. Wife Mary. Brother Huston Coombs and Wm. W. Bowlen my executors. Dated February 29, 1828. Wit. G.E. Blewitt, W.B. Hendricks, John Atkinson. Rec. July court 1828 pg9

COVINGTON, John W. To children of my sister Nancy Duckey. To children of my brother Benjamin H. Covington. To children of my sister Sally Smith. Other brothers and sisters named are Elijah M., Rachael Grider, Isaac D. Millly and Letitia. Three sons of brother Elijah M. namely Euclid, Albert, Clinton. Wit. John S. Campbell, Asa L. Mallory. Dated Nov. 28, 1843. Proved April court 1845. pg188

COVINGTON, Fanny. Son Elijah M., children of my daughter Nancy Dockery deceased of the state of N.C. children of Sally Smith dec'd. Granddaughter. Fanny Smith. Son Benjamin H., of N.C. son, John W., sons Isaac C., Four daughters, Polly, Millyl, Letitia Covington and Rachel Grider. Executors, John W. Covington. Dated August 5, 1826. Wit. George Railey, Wm. Marshall. Rec. Oct. court 1828. pg10

COX, John Sr. Nuncupative will. On June 30, 1832, Jackson Cox, Robert Johnson were called on to hear the last will of John Cox Sr. Wife Sally. Mentions a law suit in Logan Co. between Samuel Sublet and himself. Children, Phineas, John, Coleman, Elizabeth Manscoe. to Nancy Posey, a negro now in the possession of John Posey. Daughter Jinsey Sears. Daughter Sina, daughter Winny Grubbs, son Burwell. Grandsons, William C. Taylor, John Wheeler, Executors, sons Jackson and Philip Cox. Recorded July court 1832. pg51.

CRADDOCK, Robert of the Hermitage in the Co of Warren. To Willis and his heirs a part of my lot in Danville Ky. and 500 acres of land lying on the waters of the Roling Fork. To George and his heirs a tract of land in Tenn. conveyed to me by Simeon Spring and the deed recorded in Robertson Co. Land in Hardin Co. and Ohio Co. Ky. to Joseph Underwood a tract of land in Logan Co. inc. a part of the town of Russellville. I have claim against the state of Va. for money due for military services. Executors William V. Loving, John H. Graham, John Marshall, William Sublett. Dated March 28, 1837. Wit. P.J. Waggoner, Charlotte M. Innes, Ann Palmer, R.R. Beauchamp. Recorded April Court 1828. pg106

CRAIG, John. Wife Phebe. Son John J; daughter in law Melvina Craig. My other children. Executor son John J. Craig and son in law Nathan Davis. Wit. Abraham Dick, John E. Alexander. Dated July 28, 1845. Proved August court 1845. pg198

CROSTHWAIT, Samuel. Wife. Sally. Son Vivion. Exeutrix, wife Sally. Dated May 7, 1834. Wit. Lagrand Doyle, Samuel Barkley. Rec. July Court 1834. pg68

CULLEN, Sarah. Sons, Josiah W., Benjamin, John W., sole executor, son Josiah W. Dated July 16, 1830. Wit. Robert Holeman, Frederick Cox. Recorded September court 1830. pg28

CUMMINGS, Abel. Wife Darcus. Daughters Inda, Mariah, Christian. To the children of my deceased son Ralph. Executors, Joseph W. Burghter, Thomas C. Chapman and Nathl. Porter. Wit. John B. Helm, Thomas C. Carson, Francis Porter. Dated August 13, 1840. proved Oct. court 1846. pg224

DAVENPORT, Elijah C. Mother, Mary L. Davenport. Brother George G. Davenport and he to be executor. Dated Feb. 28, 1844. Wit. D. L. Mansfield, William A. Hunt. Recorded May court 1844. pg179
(note: In Mrs.Burns book this is listed after pg244)

DAVIS, Isham. Wife Elizabeth. Children, Robert, Isahm, Feland, Zachariah, Richard, Nathaniel. To the three children of my daughter Polly Porter deceased. Executors sons Robert and Nathaniel. Dated June 1, 1833. Wit. Wm. Volt Loving, Euclid M. Covington, James T. Briggs. Recorded Feb. court 1842. pg160

DAVIS, Samuel. Wife Louisa, whom he named Executrix. My Children. Wit. Abraham Dick, Sack H. Gee. Dated March 10, 1846. Proved April court 1847 pg208

DAVIS, William. Wife Jane. Four children William, John, Nancy Smith and the heirs of Polly Garman. Third son Samuel, 4th son Natha. My two nieces Sally and Jane Lark. Executors Samuel and Nathan Davis. Dated April 24, 1842. Wit. Abraham Dick Thomas Potter. Recorded July court 1842. pg164

DILLEN, Benjamin P. Wife, Martha. Father, John Dillen. Sole executor, Andrew Turner. Dated April 19, 1833. Wit. Dudley Turner, Charles Masters, Daniel Morris. Recorded January court 1834. pg63

DODD, William. Wife Emilia. Children Fanny, Isaiah, William, Thomas, John, James, Mahaley, Polly and Malinda. Dated February 3, 1834. Wit. Josiah Whiteen, Thomas Howell. Rec. April court 1834. pg65

DOUGLASS, John. Of the county of Botetourt Va. Wife Katherine -- the five children I have had by her namely William B., James J., Mary E., Eveline, Katharine. To my son Benjamin Douglass, to duaghter Elizabeth Walker. Executors Katherine Douglass and Thomas Martin. Wit. mary B. Casey, Sim Robinson. dated July 19, 1830 -- at Botetourt, Aug. court 1830 this will was proved and recorded.
State of Va. -- Botetourt Co. I Ferdinand Waltz clerk do certify that the foregoing is at true copy of the will of John Douglass I record in said Co. court of Botetourt May 12, 1845. Recorded in Warren Co., Ky. May 31, 1847. pg234

DRYDEN, Samuel H. Wife Paulina Jr(?) Dryden. Mentions children but names only James W. The property in Ohio is willed to my daughter catherins by my first wife. executor Samuel Shannon. Wit. J. L. Samson. John M. Parks. Dated April 14, 1845. Proved May court 1845. pg192

DULANEY, Lewis. To my aunt Drucilla Graham, wife of Wm. E. Graham. Wit. W.G. Rice. Dated May 1, 1845. Proved June court 1845. pg193

DUNCAN, James now of Bowling Green lat of Natches Miss. Four lots or parcels of ground being in Pontatoc in Miss. One note on Robert J. Walker endorsed by Thos. bamard in possession of Marsha and Shields of Nashville. One certificate of deposit of the Bank of Orleans, New Orleans, my annuity of 800 payable Jan. and July received by deed from Dr. Duncan, Natches, now deposited in Bowling Green Branch Bank. My land in Texas. To Maria and Henry P. Duncan children of Dr. Stephan Duncan. To Wm. S. Walker now a studen in Georgetown College. Executors Joseph P. Brown of Nachville and A.R. Macey of Bowling Green. Mentions Duncan S. Walker. Dated Nov. 24, 1838. Wit. Richard Curd. C.T. Duncan, a codicile dated Jan. 6, 1839. Appoints Warner L. Underwood Esq. of Bowling and John Marshall merchant executors in place of Joseph P. Brown Nashville. Wit. P. Donaldson, Jona Hobson, Recorded July court 1839. pg134

EDMUNDS, James. Wife, Jane. Sons, Lavender L., John J., Daughters Jane Witherspoon. Granddaughter Martha Martin. Son in law John Martin. Dated July 29, 1834. Wit. Samuel Vontress, Maria Vontress, Simon Williams. Recorded September court 1834. pg69

EDMUNDS, Jane. My three surviven children, Lavender L., John J., Jane Witherspoon. Executor Lavender L. Edmunds. Wit. Reuben Pearson, Henry T. Dickerson, John L. Cosby. Dated August 8, 1846. Proved October court 1846. pg222

ELLIS, Bartholomew. Wife and children. Executors, John Graham, Robert H. Merritt. Dated April 20, 1836. Wit. Richard Merritt, Noel Johnson, William W. Pearson. Recorded June court 1836. pg105

ELLIS, Benjamin. Noncumpative will. He died July 24, 1827. Son William, Wife Betsy. Wit. James Morton, Jeremiah Penick. This statement signed July 31, 1827. Recorded October court 1827 pg4

EWING, Henry. Wife Rebecca now pregnant. Children, Alexander, Albert A., John H., Mary Ann, James F., Lilburn B., William F., Washington M., Executors, my wife and son John H., and that they settle the estate of John Quisenberry deceased and that George Quisenberry be supported during his life. Mentions Frances Baugh. Dated March 16, 1833. Wit. Danile Stone, George Grabb. Rec. June court 1833. pg58

FELAND, James. Brother Joseph. Mentions William Feland of Lincoln Co., Ky lately deceased. Divided between my brothers and sisters the heirs of my the heirs of my deceased brothers and sisters to shar. executor, brother Joseph. Dated March 2, 1837. Wit. John M. Parks, N.H. Feland, M.c. feland. Recorded April court 1837. pg113

FELAND, Joseph. Children James, Matilda, Nathan H., Milton Co., Samiramis, William, George W., To the children of my deceased duaghers Rebecca Sweeney, Melinda Porter and Mary McElwane. Executors, sons, James and Milton. Dated August 6, 1841. Wit. Wm. V. Loving, H. Shanes, Ben F. Shanks. Recorded Rebruary court 1842. pg158

FERGUSON, James. Nephew Paul Ferguson. Names William, John and Jonathan Ferguson. Jonathan Ferguson's sisters, Catherine, Polly and Sally. Executor John Ferguson. Wit. Thomas Hines. Benjamin Willy. dated April 1, 1845. Proved May court 1845. pg191

FLOYD, Jonathan. Wife Sally. Children Enoch, Aron, Nathaniel, David, Gentry, Aquilla, Jonathan, Capy (daut), William N., Simon, Sally Watt, Gideon. Executors my wife Sally, and son Jonathan. Dated march 13, 1833. Wit. Ephraim Carter, Robert S. Whitesides, Frances Baugh. Recorded December court 1834. pg74

FORT, Daniel. Executors Bennet and John Burnam. Mother Sally Fort. Sister Christianey Fort. My sisters children. dated July 26, 1834. This nuncupative will was proven by oaths of John Burnam, Albert B. Graham and George M. Howarth. Recorded July Court 1834. pg69

FRAZER, George. To my son George's heirs. Son John, son in law William Stewart. To the heirs of James Frazer. To the heirs of Thomas Frazer. Sons, Alexander, Andrew. Dauther, Mary Hanner. To wife. To divide between Elizabeth Nelson Alexander and Andrew Frazer and Mary Haner. Dated March 23, 1830. Wit. Ludwell A. Hunton, James A. Lewis. Recorded October court 1832. pg54

GAINES, Edwin Y. I desire that William R. Payne, Jonathan Hobson and Bennett Burnam shall assist my wife in disposing of my property -- children but names only Charles and Edwin. Wit. J.C. Wilkins, Jane A. Wilkins. No date. Proved May court 1846. pg218

GANT, Cornelius Senr. 78 years old. Wife Susanna. Children Ann, Rebecca, Polly Harpole, Jane Reid, Elizabeth, Andrew, Peggy Truett, Cornelius Jr., Sons in law, Samuel Reid and Franklin Trueet executors. Dated March 20, 1826. Wit. S.G. Whyte, David Smith. Recorded April court 1827. pg1

GIBBS, Thomas P. Wife Eliza K. To raise and educate my two children William Edwards and Margaret Kitura. Executors, my wife and Phillip E. McElroy. If either refuses to act or dies. I want Peter Ray to act. Dated September 21, 1834. Wit. W.V. Loving, James T. harney, james R. Skiles, William Folin. Recorded oct. court 1834. pg71

GILMORE, John H. Wife Caroline. Administrators wife and Benjamin Kite. Mother Elizabeth Gilmore. My children. Wit. S.M. Wesley, Nancy Kite, John W. Osborne. Dated May 7, 1847. Proved Sept. court 1847. pg241

GILMORE, Joseph. Senior. Executor son, John H. Gilmore. Wife. Son Francis. Wit. S.M. Warley, Andrew H. Gilmore, Deacator Naff. Dated Sept. 21, 1846. Proved October court 1847. pg223

GLADISH, James. Wife Emily L. Four children William, Thomas, Charles and Ira. Wit. G.S. Ronald, H. Talbutt. No date. Proved Sept. court 1847. pg242

GLADDISH, Richard R. Wife Mary Ann. Children, Leander J., Rebecca Ann (infant children) Susan White, Nancy Potts. Executors son Martin and George W. Ronald. Dated April 5, 1833. Wit. George W. Ronald, Nancy A. Minton. Recorded September court 1833. pg60

GOURLEY, Robert. To James Amos. Wit. James Wilson, William Whalin, Francis Rash. Dated November 11, 1839. Proved Jan. Court 1846. pg206

GRAHAM, Alexander. Wife. To Lavenia J. Graham the widow of Albert B. Graham deceased, and her children, naming George W., Ellen, Mary, Harriett, Lavinia. Of his own children John H. is the only one named. Grand children. Executors William E. Graham and Goerge M. Howarth. Dated September 22, 1842. Wit. james M. Herdman, C.B. Donaldson.
A codicil dated October 17, 1842 is witnessed by John Howarth and V.X. Graham.
A 2nd codicil is dated October 31, 1842. To William the son of William E. and Drucilla Graham. To two sons of Asher W, and Sarah P. Graham and the two youngest daughters of Lavenia J. Graham. Wit. John Maxey. Rec. November court 1842. pg169

GREEN, Eliza H. Nuncupative will heard by Sarah Smith and Julia Ann Green on March 5, 1845. Father Edwin P. Green. Proved may court 1845. pg190

GRUBB, John. Children Susan Stagner, William Mary Meeds, jacob, George, Heirs of Betsy Moyers deceased, heirs of Sarah Hammett deceased. executors Jacob Moyers, and John Stagner. Dated April 5, 1839. Wit. Andrew Stagner, Jackson Cox. Rec. July court 1839. pg138

HAGERMAN, Joseph. Wife Ruth. Children, Jane Clarke, she being dead, her children are William Bolin, Joseph Marion, Francis Josiah, and Levi Elisha Clarke. Other children Henson R., Elizabeth Potter, ?ate Hagerman, Benjamin Franklin, Deborah Potter, Mary Ann Potter, Joseph Burr, Thomas Harrison. Executor son Henson R. Hagerman, Lewis Potter and my son Thomas Harrison Hagerman. Wit. Noel Johnson, Henry Murser, John P. Smith. Dated August 9, 1845. Proved April court 1846. pg213

HALL, Edmund. Wife Lucy. Three children. Executors, wife, John Durnam and Bennett Burman -- if one of these should fail to act, I desire that Payton Cooke act as executor. Dated June 18, 1838. Wit. J.C. Wilkins, J.H. Graham. Recorded July 1838 court. pg124

HALLBY, Charles, a man of color. Father Richard and mother Darcus. Brother Richard. Wife and children. Admr. Richard. Wit. William Creasy, James Dillingham, James G. Hodge. Dated February 20. 1837. Recorded Spetmeber court 1837. pg115

HARDCASTLE, James. Will. Old. Wife Rachel. Sons, Shadrack, John, William and Riley. Executors, wife Rachel and son William. Dated Nov. 14, 1828. Wit. Josiah Whitten, Elisha Whitten, Josiah Greathouse. Recorded December cuort 1828. pg12

HEARD, John. Wife -- children Elijah H., George, James, Caroline L., William M., Robert B., Land in Ohio and Graves Co. Daughter Ann E. Adams. Executors sons Elijah H., and brother James Heard. Wit. J.B. Martin, John Blackford, William V. Loving, Thomas Lawrence. Dated August 26, 1843. Proved April court 1846. pg215

HENDRICK, Thomas. Wife. Sally. All my married children has received from me all I intend to give them. Names children Squire Hendricks, Lucinda, Hanah. To grand son Thomas Hendrick sun. To my daughters Thomas children. Dated May 4, 1830. Executors son Squire Hendrick and William Davis. Wit. Enoch Hume, William Davis. Recorded March court 1831. pg33.

HENRY, Mathis W. Wife Juliet. Our children. Executors, wife Juliet. Our children. Executrix, wife Juliet. Dated Dec. 1. 1837. Wit. William V. Loving, C.D. Morehead, Rec. sept. court 1838. pg127

HEWES, Rachel. To my two nephews, John Hews the youngest son of my brother Theophilus Hewes, and John Andrew Hightower son of my sister Elizabeth Black. John Black who married my sister Elizabeth to have no possession, management or control of the bequest. To my niece Rachel Foster. To my niece Nancy Black. My brothers and sisters. Samuel Hews the heirs of Theophilus Hews deceased, Rebecca Lambert, Nancy Foster, and Elizabeth Black. My friend James Ford, Executor. Dated January 22, 1830. Wit. Henry Hines, Richard Farthing, Lititia Manning. Recorded March court 1830. pg23

HILL, James. Wife Catherine. Children Alfred, Barbary, Rachel, Elizabeth, Susan, Winafact(?), Margaret, Lucinda and Mary Ann Jane, son Francis and Alsten. Executors wife, Catherine, and John Heard. Dated April 3, 1830. Wit. P.R. Beauchamp, Jacob Sharrer. Recorded June court 1830. pg27

HINES, James D. Wife Elizabeth. Brother Pleasant Hines. All my children. Executors wife Elizabeth and John Burnan Esq.; Wit. James Hines, El. Loving, S.B. Collins. Dated Dec. 31, 1845. A codicil dated January 1846. Wit. by Ja. Hines, J.F. Smith, M.S. Everhard. Proved April court 1846. pg209

HINES, William. Wife Elizabeth my wife's daughter Mary McGinnis. My son William P. Hines to at as trustee for Harriett Bowles and her children. Children Harriett Bowles, James K. William R., Maria d. Palmore, Vincent K., Sarah E. Executors sons William R. and Vincent K. Dated March 26, 1838. Wit. Ja. Hines, Samuel Heard. Recorded November court 1842 pg167

HODGES, Andrew. Children, Martha, Julia, John, Susan Killis. Executors my daughters Martha and Julia Hodges. Dated May 17, 1838. Wit. Jesse Bunch, Ira Dunham. Recorded July court, 1838. pg126

HORTON, Ezra C. Wife Nancy. Six children. Executors John Herd and James Ford. Dated July 7, 1833. Proved by John B. Martin and Joseph Cherry to be the handwriting of Ezra C. Horton. Recorded October court 1840. pg145

HOWELL, Thomas. Nuncumpative will. On March 20, 1835 Sampson Cagle and John York heard this will. Wife. His son John to assist his wife to raise the children. This statement given appraisment April 27, 1835. Recorded April court 1835. pg79

HUNTON, John. To the children of Ludwell A. Hunton. To Ludwell A. Hunton 160 aces of land in Mo. being the same he deeded to me. To the children or my brother George W. Hunton, viz: Charles, John, Emma G, Anna, catheirne. To neice Elenan Dudaney. To my nephews Willis and Richard g. Unton, and John W. Hunton. Executors, Richard G. Hunton. Dated March 5, 1843. Wit. Thomas R. Gaines, Jno. Dulaney, Willis Hunton. Recorded August court 1842. pg175

INNIS, George. Wife Matilda Ennis. Children, Elizabeth, William, George Washington, Joseph R., William T., Cornelius. To daughter, Sally Phelps, a parcel of land on which William Phelps now lives. To two boys, the children of Dicey Graves of Giles Co. Tenn., siad to have been begotten of my son Cornelius Ennis. exeutors my son in law John Campbell and Isaac Smith. Dated August 2, 1832, Wit. Isaac Smith, Jonathan Potts, John C. Potts. A codicile to this will mentions Catherine Hollingsworth. This is dated Jan. 29, 1833 and witnessed by Isaac Smith and William Nash. The second codicile dated April 13, 1835. Wit. by Isaac Smit and John H. Gorin. Recorded June Court 1835. pg80

ISBELL, Henry. Wife Mary. My children. Sole executor wife Mary. Dated May 1, 1828. Wit. Burton R. Lewis. Thomas Brooks, James Isbell. Recorded April court 1834. pg64

ISBELL, James. Wife Polly. Three sons Livingston, Thomas, John. Daughter Nancy Sturdivant. The children of my daughter Nelly Walker and my daughter in law Polly Isbell and her present children. Executor Edmund Payne. Dated August 24, 1838. Wit. Jona Hobson, John Keel, John Heard. A codicile dated April 22, 1839. A second codicile dated June 8, 1839. Rec. April court 1840. pg140

JACKSON, John. Wife Mary. Children John S. and Francis W., Margaret C., Sublette, Martha W. Sloss, Mary V. Atcheson, and Anthaline E. Jackson. That Mary, Martha, George, Martha (note repeated) and Hester F. Hines children of my duagher Hester F. Hines. To John D. and Mary E. Jackson chil of my son Burwell Jackson deceased. Executors wife Mary and son Francis W. Jackson. dated May 2, 1838. Wit. Clinton Jackson. Vincent S. Hay. Recorded April court 1841. pg148

JACKSON, Leroy. Wife Rachael. Children, Warren, Clinton, America, Emily, Harriett, Julia Ann, Chesterfield and Henry Harrison. A tract of land in Madison Co. Ky on Station Camp Creek. Land in Butler Co. Executor son Clinton Jackson. Dated September 30, 1835. Wit. James Hines, James W. Burch, Francis W. Jackson. Recorded October court 1835. pg94

JENKINS, Simon. Wife. Children, John E., James C., Charles W., Simon, Lovonwick, Thomas, Elizabeth Ann, margaret, Elihue, Cornelius, Maron. Adrs. my wife and two oldest sons. Dated January 29, 1838. Wit. Edward Payne, John Grider. Proved sept. 7, 1838. pg128

JOHNS, Elizabeth. On August 25, 1835 at the home of Benjamin Johns where she had resided only a day or two, Prudence Johns and Elizabeth Jolins heard the noncumpative will of Elizabeth Johns. To Sally and Laurel Jolins my granddaughters, all the property I possess (it was not much LMB) This testimony was reduced to writing February 15, 1836. Recorded February court 1836. pg103

JOHNSON, Alexander. Release agreement between Hugh W. Johnson, Samuel Johnston and myself into in 1834 who were formerly in the merchantile business said agreement being now in the hands John Johnston of Green Co. which provides I am to sell our possessions in Martinsville Warren Co. consisting of town property and farm adjoin??. Wife Eliza. Jane, wife of Hugh W. Johnston. Executor, Hugh W. Johnston, Samuel Johnston, John Johnston and William Feland. Children Margaret, Joseph, John Alexander. Dated december 22, 1834. (it is signed Johnston). Wit. William Harris, George Allingham, Recorded January court 1835. pg77

JOHNSON, William C. Wife. Children james, David H., Robert, George W., Peggy Rider, Sally C. Cox, Elizabeth Smith, matilda Moberly, now dead. Grandson William Franklin Smith. Executors sons Robert and James. Wit. Garland J. Belwett, James H. stone, John B. Martin. dated Feb. 6, 1842. A codicil dated Nov. 20, 1847. Mentions Grand daughter Susan Carroll. Wit. by Thomas PRice and J.B. Blewitt. Proved July court 1848. pg244

JONES, Franklin. Wife Executrix. Wit. W.L. Chapman, William V. Loving, T.B. Wright. Dated August 6, 1846. Proved Aug. court 1846. pg219

KEEL, John. My brick house and lot adjoining my present residence and now occupied by A.R. Macey as a printing office. Wife Jane. Brother James Keel. Mentions land on the Miss. in this state. My children. executors, Brother James Keel and wife Jane. Dated May 6, 1840. Wit. Jona Hobson, Wm. V. Loving, Jno. W. Vance. Rec. July court 1840. pg142

KEMBLE, Hezekiah. Old. Daughters, Rachel Thomas, Sara Kemble, wife of Charles Kemble, Elizabeth Casey now deceased and Creasy Crawford. Instead of my deceased daughter Elizabeth to her two youngest children Edward and Caroline. Sons Thomas, Abraham, William T. of Missouri, Chalres H. deceased rather his children James A., William M., Martha C., and Charles H. Executors sons, Abraham and Thomas. Dated March 4, 1832. Wit. James Tilley or Killey, William Dalton and Patsy Dalton. Recorded June court 1832. pg46

KERBY, David. Children Absolom and Baily they being of age my other nine children Sophia, Averilla, Stephen, Jenny, Polley, Frances, nancy, David and Elizabeth. Wife Mary. Executors my father Jesse Kerby Sr. and Frederick Potter. Dated May 5, 1831. Wit. Temple Isbell, Lewis Potter, Jesse Kerby Jr. Recorded July court 1831. pg35

KNOWLES, Joshua. Wife Gemima. Mentions $20, that is owing to him from Gassaway of Barren Co. My five daughters Sarah Hays, Polly Stevens, Leaner Jones, Ruther Saterfield and Elizabeth Bailey. Son Mathew. To son John of Franklin Co. Va. Executor Mathew Knowles. Dated Nov. 11, 1824. Wit. Hudson Martin, David Graham. Rec. October Court 1832. pg56

LAWRENCE, Abyrum. Wife Nancy. Executrix wife Nancy. Mentions the family. No date. Wit. Jno. W. vance, george Davidson, L.C. Porter. Recorded January court 1838. pg133

LEWIS, James A. Wife Judity. Children James Addison, Davis O.H., Elizabeth B., Jane S., Juliet A. A. Grandchildren Virgil A. Jones, Ellenora J. Jones, Mary E.A. Jones and John N.T. Jones. Executor William Barnett Esq. or Logan Co. Wit. Andrew J. Hutcherson, Thomas Ellis, John R. May. Dated March 6, 1847. Proved April court 1847. pg232

LOWRY, John. Wife Elizabeth. Sons, William, Stephen, John. Executor son Stephen. Dated September 2, 1842. Wit. William Hendrick, Lewis Haines, J.T. Carpenter. Recorded October court 1842. pg165

LUCAS, John. Wife. All my children -- mentions only Mary Ann Haley. Some lots in Brownsville Ky. exeuctors Moses Shobe and Absolan Shobe, Jonathan Carpenter. Dated February 6, 1836. Wit. Daniel P. Moss, Samuel Murrell, William Ford. Recorded April court 1836. pg104

LUCAS, Robert W. Desire to be buried with Masonic Honor, in my apple orchard near my deceased son John Milton. Wife, Sally F. Lucas. 9 children, F.F., N.F., R.W., J.R., S.M., daughters E.A. Stone, and M.E. Lucas, Daughter M.T. Lucas and son W.C. Executor my son N.P. Lucas in case of difficulty my executor to consult Judge J.R. Underwood or Judge A.W. Graham or William V. Loving Esgrs. Dated April 20, 1842. Proved by oaths of W.L. Underwood and J.C. Wilkins, and Jona Hobson to be the handwriting of said Lucas, at January court 1846. pg204

MACEY, A.R. Wife Corilla Macey. Brother Leander Father deceased. Brother Jefferson deceased. Dated Nov. 22, 1835. Asher W. Graham, C.T.D. ???? C.D. Morehead proved this to be handwritten of A.R. Macey at February court 1844. pg186

MADISON, Susanna. To my son Patrick. Mentions deceased son Thomas Madison and deceased daughter Anna Madison. Daughter Peggy daughter Susan Henry Smith. To daughter Agatha a mourning ring. To my grand son John Bowyer a mourning ring that my son Patrick, our of the money devised him shall purchase the rings. executors, son Patrick Madison and grandson John Bowyer. Dated July 27, 1825. This is written out one thousand --- hundred and twenty five. Wit. J.R. Underwood, John M. Middleton, T.B. Drake. Rec. September court 1831. pg40

MARCUM, Samuel. Noncupative will. Everything to his youngest sister who was crippled when young and not able to support herself by labor. Dated July 22, 1835. Heard by M.W. Henry, Jesse R. Smith. Recorded July court 1835 pg86

MARSHALL, Humphrey. To brother William one dollar. To brother Gilbert all the land in Butler Co. that I ahve any claim to. To brother R.J.P. To brother James. Mentions mother being old. Sole executor R.J.P. Marshall. Dated may 24, 1831. No witness. Rec. June court 1832. pg45

MARTIN, Edward B. Son of Edward Martin deceased. Wife Mary D. our children. Executors wife mary D., John Finn, John H. Martin, brother William B. Martin. dated Jan. 23, 1835. Wit. J.W. Tindle, D.D. Thacker. Recorded February court 1835. pg76

MARTIN, Silvester. Wife Peachy. Executor James K. Hines. Wit. J.B. Martin Alisin G. Drake. Dated October 7, 1844. Proved Nov. court 1844. pg182

McCOOL, Adam. Dated December 23, 1834. Wife, Jane. Children Martin Ryan, James Geddis, Margaret Harpole formerly Margaret McCool, Joseph, the heirs of Elizabeth Norris formerly Elizabeth McCool, Thos. the heirs of Adam McCool Jrs., James G., Executor two sons Thomas and Martin R. Wit. James Hudspeth, Robert Dickerson, David Bratton. Recorded Septmenber court 1835. pg87

McGINNIS, Elizabeth. Children Benjamin S., Hezekiah., Mary Taylor, Margaret B., Nancy Wiley. I desire that Mr. David Mason have no part of my estate. Executors, sons, Benjamin S. and Hezekiah McGinnis. Dated August 19, 1831. Wit. James Hines, Edwin Taylor, Jno. Taylor. Recorded Jan. Court 1832. pg41

MEREDITH, William. To son William. To grand son William Meredith. Executors, son William and Capt. William R. Payne. Dated Feb. 7, 1833. Wit. Patrick H. Madison, George Work. Recorded march court 1833. pg57

MEWS, Elizabeth. Daughters, Fanny Carter and Elizabeth Carter. Two granddaughters Elizabeth Vance and Fanny Glory. To grand sons, Henry and William Flory, John E., James C., and Charles W. Jenkins. My son James Chilton. My daughter Nancy Jenkins. Executor, Simon Jenkins. Dated May 15, 1832. Wit. Edmund Payne, John Grider, Zachariah Taylor. Recorded October court 1835. pg97

MIDDLETON, Samuel B. Verbal will heard on Sept. 13, 1845 by William L. Turner, M.N. Drake. Wife Rebecca be named administrator. Proved November court 1845. pg202

MILLER, Jacob. Children Anthony, David, Mary Honaker, Henry, Benjamin, John, Adam, Isaac, Margaret Harrell wife of Joseph Herrell, Elizabeth wife of Adam Flora, Samuel. Grandchildren: Elizabeth Ann Lindsey, Margaret Runner and Dorinda Runner. Son David, sole executor. Dated June 25, 1833. Wit. Geroge Harrison, Allen Taylor. Recorded April Court 1834. pg62

MOORE, Levi. To son William and he to take charge of my children living with me. 5 in number. Names children Robert, Tibatha, Elizabeth, Harriett Davis, Martha, Narciss, Levi, Fanny. Executor son William. Wit. Samuel Murrell, Absolom Shobe, Moses Shobe. Dated Dec. 30, 1844.
A Codicil is dated Jan. 3, 1845 and son John is named. Wit. by Samuel Murrell and Moses Shobe. Proved Jan. court 1845. pg183

MOORE, William. Wife Elizabeth. Children Fanny Marinda, Anna Maria, John Rowland, and Francis Laird. Executrix wife. i commend to my wife our dear children and recommend an early return to Pa. dated Aug. 10, 1839. Wit. James R. Skiles. N.L. Southerland, J. Livermore. Recorded September court 1839. pg139

MOORMAN, John. Wife Nancy. Children Jane, John, Thomas, James, Lewis. To Ann Elizabeth Mooreman (he does not call her daughter but I believe she is). Executors, Benjamin C. Johnson, and John Keel, Esq. and son Thomas as soon as he shall become of age to act. Dated June 29, 1829. Wit. Josiah Wright, Benjamin Hampton, Clark Mooreman. Rec. July court 1829. pg17

MOSELY, Robert D. My guardian Allen Wakeland. To farming and Embry or my sister at Bowling Green. The debt I owe Mrs. Washington Phipps of Hartford. Wit. George B. Adams, W.G. davies, J.R. Curd. Dated July 8, 1847. Proved July court 1847. pg238

MOYERS, Daniel. Wife Barbara. Children Henry, Daniel, Eli, Samuel, Jacob, John, Hannah Morgan, Betsy Hammel, Polly Stagner, Peggy Moyers. Executors, John Moyers, Henry Moyers, Daniel Moyers. Dated December 16, 1826. Wit. Pleasant Hines, James D. Hines, Rec. June court 1831. pg34

ODIN, Leonard. Children Lucinda Jones, Nancy Adins, Elizabeth Vaughan. Granddaughter Antaline Jones. Executor R.W. Ragland. Wit. John H. Thomason, John Furguson, R.W. Ragland. Dated Oct. 21, 1841. Proved April court 1846. pg212

OTEY, James. Wife Mary Ann. My youngest son James Hobson Otey, I had by wife Mary Ann. Seven children, Matilda C. Briggs, Thomas C., Martha Ann, W. Torrence, Pleasant T., John F. Selina G. Cherry, James Hobson. Executor James Shields. Dated Sept. 1, 1837. Wit. James Heard, Edward Mobly, Sally Manning. Rec. Nov. court 1837. pg116

PARKER, Reeves. Wife Nancy. Son Sterling. To daughter Rebecca, wife of Hyrum Boyd. To daughter Patsy wife of William Cowles. To daughter Phebe Parker, to Polly Ingram the granddaughter of my wife whom I have raised. Executor son, Sterling. Dated March 5, 1842. Wit. R.W. Lucas, S.B. Middleton, James Henry. Recorded April court 1842. pg163

PAYNE, William R. To Edwin D. Payne, Benjamin T. Payne, John Payne and the little orphan boy that I have raised. It is my wish that my son in law W.P. Payne and my brother Edmund Payne shall see the fore-going carried into effect. it is my wish that Edwin D. Payne and his wife Mariah shall become the guardian of man. Wit. Samuel S. Withers, edwin Payne, J.D. Courts. dated Jan. 20, 1847. Proved April court 1847. pg233

PERRY, Sarah. To Tabitha and her 5 children, Eliza Jane, Mar Elizabeth, Matilda Ann, Sarah Jane, and Joseph alias Joseph C. Gill. Executor my son Allen M. Perry. Wit. P. Donaldson, F.A. Woods. Dated September 24, 1844. Proved Feb. court 1845. pg187

POLLARD, Hester Ann. To sister Judith Ann Moss. To the children of my sister Sarah G. Barclay wife of Samuel A. Barclay. To Edmond J. Bacon and wife Mary. Their children. Executor Samuel A. Barclay. Dated February 5, 1844. Wit. Asher W. Graham, Samuel Stubbins. Recorded May court 1844. pg177

POTTER, Lewis. Wife Mary. To granddaughter, Martha Ann Arnold. To children of my deceased son Daniel namely Monra, Hiram, Mary Ann Owne; Lemuel, William H. Murphy and his wife late Potter. William L. Potter. To son Thomas. To son in law Ronald(?) Grinstead. To the children of my deceased son in law John Johnson and his wife, Polly namely Polly, James, Garnett, Patsy, Malissa. To my widowed daughter Betsy Arnold. To son Felix. To children of my deceased son William and my daughter Francis Grinstead. To son Harrison. To son in loaw John Bentley. To my widowed daughter Ann Lowry. Executors son Thomas and brother Frederick Potter, and nephew John Potter. Wit. Lewis Potter Jr., Henry Potter, Pleasant J. Potter. Dated August 1, 1842. Proved August court 1845. pg195

POTTS, Reuben. Wife. Son George. Mentions cabinet shop the firm of Potts and Gerard. Father Jonathan, sister Mrs. Reuben Smith. executors my friend and partner John C. Gerard, Wm. C. Loving. Wit. L.C. Porter, William V. Loving, Henry J. Fox, John Woodrow. Dated Feb. 17, 1847.
A codicil dated March 7, 1847, states "I have disposed of my interest in the cabinet shop-- and mentions wife Catherine (alias Dicy). Proved April court 1847 pg227

QUISENBERRY, John. Daughter Elizabeth Pendleton. The five children of my deceased son Aron, namely, Tilford, James, Ann, Jackson, Mahaley. Son John. Daughter Sally Baker. Daughter Prudence Quisenberry now Prudence Long. Her three first children, Robert Whitesides, Quisenberry Whitesides and John Whitesides. My daughter Rebecca Enving, daughter Polly Quisenberry. The heirs of Nicholas Quisenberry my son. To my daughter Frances Baugh and her children and not for James Baugh to have any part thereof. My son George who from his youth in mind afllicted my will and desire is that Henry Enving shall take him and keep him. Sole Executor, Henry Enving. Dated September 3, 1829. Wit. Ephriam Carte, Robert Harrison, S.G. Drake. Rec. Sept. court 1831. pg37

QUISENBERRY, Nicholas. Wife Lucy. Children John M., James I., Menny Syntha, William G., Lucy, Chesterfield, Mahaley, Monroe, and Harriett and Mary Ann M.C. White my granddaughter. Dated June 25, 1827. Admr. John W. Quisenberry and my wife. No witnesses. Proven and recorded January court 1829. pg13

RAGLAND, John. Children Elizabeth Prophet, Finch, Pettice, Richard, Samuel B., Thomas J., Sarah Davis, James M., John M., Frances E. S., Martha H., Jane C. Executrix daughter Martha H. Ragland. Dated August 12, 1833. Wit. Thomas McMurry William McMurry, Lewis A. Longston. Recorded July court 1835. pg62 (82?)

REVES, George. Wife, Elizabeth. Children Susan Heard, Polly M., Nancy, Walter A., Custis F., Jesse P., Peter M., William H., Sidney Preston, George H. Executors John Heard and John Thompson. Dated October 20, 1826. Wit. James Otey, Allen Taylor, Rec. July court 1827 pg3

ROBINSON, Knox. Wife Adaline Ross Robinson. Land in Hickman Co. Ky. on which Smith O. Robinson now resides. Sons, Richard Baxton, Cyrus Decatur. Executors Benjamin C. Smith, Moses Potter, Jno. J. Lakin, Smith O. Robinson and Wm. D. Helm. Wit. James Ander Wren, Ignatious Wheeler. Dated Dec. 1846. Proved Dec. court 1846. pg225

RONNE, John. Wife Rebecca. Want no executor. Children, Commedore, George, Prudence. Dated April 11, 1842. Wit. Stephen L. Steward, George Rone, William Lamasters. Recorded April court 1842. pg162

ROWLAND, Jesse. To Josiah Wilson Crawford and William Crawford, my three sons James, Archable, Jesse Rowland. John Wright to take posession of all this property till my children can get it, and William Crawford is to be under the control of John Wright until Jesse Rowland can come and get him. Dated July 29, 1828. Wit. Lydia Hays, Elizabeth Pedigo. Rec. Oct. Court 1828. pg10

RUSSELL, George. Wife, Jane. Where my brother William formerly lived. Executrix wife Jane. To my son Samuel. Wit. Leonard Totty, John Beckham. Dated August 22, 1836. Proved Apr. court 1846. pg190

SEARS, Philip. Wife. All my wife's children My children Anderson, Joshua, Mary Ann, Matilda, Nancy Pearson. Executor Luther D. Porter. Wit. William P. Neale. Matheis Knowles. Dated Spet. 3, 1845. Proved October Court 1845. pg200

SHANNON, James. Names Samuel A. Sale. Ward McDonald and Thomas McDavitt commissioners. Children, Paulina Jr. Dryden, Samuel, Ann R. Alexander, James, Thomas A., John N.R. Mentions first wife. Exeutors sons Sameul, Thomas McDavitt. Wit. Samuel F. Keel, James S. Shannon. Dated Sept. 29, 1846. Proved Oct. court 1846. pg219

SHIRLEY, Benjamin. Wife. Children Benjamin Petty, John M., Elizabeth, Malinda, Ezekiel Allen, Jane, Patsy, Fanny, Polly. Executors, son John M. Dated September 9, 1831. Wit. J. Thomas, William Wright. Recorded September court 1831. pg39

SHOBEE, Jacob. Wife Clory. Children Absalom, Moses, Johnson, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Serus (Cyrus). Land in Edmondson Co, Ky. Brother Martin Shobe. Executors, Wife Clory, sons Absolom and Moses. Dated Oct. 12, 1827. Wit. William Allen, Spencer Dunn, William Ford, Charles McDonald. Recorded November Court 1827. pg??

SIMPSON, Elias. Wife Amanda R. McElwain, between my youngest brothers and sisters, Maddleton, Johnson, Nancy Lydia and Elizabeth. To Mary Eliza McElwain, daughter of James McElwain. Wit. S. Shannon, Elias Simpson. Dated march 12, 1846. Proved April court 1846. pg214

SKILES, Charles M. Brother James R. Skiles sole beneficiary and executor. Dated November 30, 1829. Wit. John F. Todd and Samuel A. Atchison. Recorded July court 1830. pg28

SKILES, J.R. Jr. Father, James R. Skiles. Brother and sisters Eliza Bell, Mary Bell, Francis Caroline, Charles Henry, George Waldemas and William Russell Skiles. Executro, James R. Skiles and in case of his death my mother Eliza A. Skiles. Wit. Wm. H. Payne, S.J. Younglove. Dated June 30, 1842. Proved Jan. court 1845. pg 185

SLOSS, Thomas. Wife Tabitha C. All my children. Executors, my wife Tabith C. Sloss, and Edward Eli. Dated March 28, 1831. Wit. David Baird, John Sloss. Recorded October court 1835. pg98

SMITH, Charles. To Benjamin C. Smith. To Francis R. Barry. To Daniel C. Smith, to Elijah C. Smith. To Sidney P. Smith. To brother Daniel Smiths son Charles, Wade Smith. To Robet Bryant. My two negroes in N.C. Executors Benj. C. Smith, Daniel C. Smith and Sidney. Wit. Isaac Cook, Frances Cook. Dated Nov. 30, 1846. Proved Nov. court 1847. pg239

SMITH, Daniel. Wife Mary. Two afflicted children Anna and Robert, other children John, James, William H., Elizabeth Lansdale. Executors sons, James and William H., and William V. Loving. Dated May 2, 1836. Recorded February court 1838. pg119

SMITH, Joseph H. Wife Nancy. To John W. and Joseph J. Smith (think they are sons) To granddaughter Sarah Ann Smith, daughter of Benjin C. Smith. To daughter Francis R. Berry. Executors John Viers, Benja C. Smith, Thomas J. Smith and Henry Grider. Dated Dec. 28, 1842. Wit. William D. Helm. R.C. Grider. Recorded jan. court 1842. pg173

SMITH, Lewis. Cash notes in Tennessee. Wife Alicy Smith. Sons, Daniel, Joseph, Louis, Martin. Daughters, Mrs. Besham, Nancy Kellen, Sarah Ollan. Executors William M. Wand, Stephen L. Stewart. Dated August 19, 1841. Wit. George W. Henry, david Mason, Francis. Honori. Recorded August Court 1841. pg150

SMITH, Solomon. Wife Nancy. To the children of my dead children, Jesse Smith, Elizabeth Graves who was wife of Lonzer Graves, William Smith, Margaret Mason who was the wife of Daniel Mason, Ezekiel Smith and Samuel Smith. Living children are Eliza Walker, Seluda Quisenberry, Henry Smith, Ann mcGinnis. Executors John S. jackson, Moel Sweeney and Thomas mcDavitt. Wit. John Runner and William Ellis. Dated February 22, 1847. Proved April court 1847. pg229

SMITH, William. Wife Betsy. Mother. My youngest children with my first children mentions only Nancy Ferguson and Elizabeth. Executors; wife Betsy and Thomas Ferguson. Dated August 19, 1838. Wit. Peyton Cook, Johnson Shobe, John Ford. Rec. Sept. court 1838. pg131

SMITH, William W. Wife Kitty H. Four children Pheabe, Ann, James H., Elenor, Liza Jane. Executors John W. Covington. Dated Mar. 14, 1828. Wit. John W. Gorin, P.B. Covington. Recorded Nov. Court 1828. pg11

STANLEY, Anderson. Wife Eliza. All my children. Executors my wife and son Shadrack W. Dated November 30, 1831. Wit. George W. Ronald, D.L. Mansfield, William Wise, John Martin. Rec. Apr. court 1832. pg43

STARK, Jesse. Wife, Sarah. My children. Admrs. Robert Stark and A.T. Mitchell. Dated October 16, 1827. Wit. W.B. Hendrick, William Gossom. Recorded November court 1827 pg5

STEPHENS, Isaac Senr. Wife. Mentions children Thomas L., Isaac, Harvey, Katy Todd, Betsy O'Neale (but I think there were others) Dated. January 17, 1831. Wit. A.W. Graham, B. Burnam, James Maxey, Recorded March court 1831 pg 31

STEPHENSON, John. Wife, Margaret. Mentions brother Samuel Stephenson. My five sons -- names only one, William H. the youngest. My six daughters. Executor Stephen L. Stuart. Dated May 10, 1829. Wit. James A. Lewis, John H., Thomason, Coleman Foster. Recorded October court 1829. pg21

STERRITT, Thomas. Wife Mary. Children Elizabeth P. Murrell, Robert, Thomas Jr., Jane Dysart, Marie W. Shields. Grandchildren, Josephine and Sarah Grides. Executors wife Mary, Thomas, and Samuel Sterritt. Wit. Thomas J. Jones, John D. Hamilton, Allen Taylor. Dated March 1, 1845. Proved April court 1846. pg207

STEWART, Stephen L. Wife Rebecca. Children Mary F., Jane, Burwell J., James T., Witnesses James Heard, James C. Stewart, jacob Beller. Dated February 9, 1846. Proved May court 1846. pg217

STOCKTON, Reuben B. Children Richard, Henrietta, Catherine. Mentions Land in the military district State of Ill. Mentions creditors in Philadelphia. Executors John Marshall and Asher W. Graham. Dated October 31, 1831. Wit. Richard Curd, C.T. Donavan. Rec. June court 1832 pg47

STONE, John. To four sons, Virgil M., James H., John M., and Wm. A. when the youngest shall arrive at the age of 12 years. land in Woodford Co. Ky. My seven daughters; Maria Hines, Elizabeth Louisa, Catherine, Mary, Melissa, Sarah E. Executors sons Virgil M., and James H. Dated August 4, 1840. Wit. J.B. Martin, Richard G. Hunton. Recorded October court 1840. pg143

SUBLETT, Charles J. Son William. Witnesses S.B. Martin, John S. Waddle. Datee March 13, 1846. Proved May court 1846. pg217

SULLENGER, Gabriel. Wife Polly. Children Polly Moss, Catherine, Anna Maria, Gustavus, Reuben, Gabriel, Penelope, Innis. Executors wife Polly and Samuel Murrell. Dated November 14, 2835. pg102

SWEENEY, Edmund. See inventory of Edmund Sweeney. When the slaves were divided --
Silvey to Patsy Sweeney.
Samuel to Benjamin Sweeney
Milley to Matildy Sweeney
Agnes to Elizabeth Sweeney
William to Charles Sweeney
Jinney to John Sweeney
Isaac to Jefferson Sweeney
Louisa and Stephen to Noel Sweeney
(Note from Mrs. Burns: These must be the children of Edmund) pg453
(note: In Mrs.Burns book there are no entries between pgs 244 & 453 - possible typo?)

SUMPTER, Samuel W. Wife Missoori. To my children. Executors, George C. Sumpter and John McFadin. Dated Jauly 29, 1829. Wit. A. Mitchell, Samuel Sublett. Recorded Spetember court 1829. pg20

TARRANT, Terry. Wife Polly. All my children. Mentions, a son and a daughter of John Mannons heirs of my daughter Sally Mannon deceased. Admr. A.F. Mitchell. dated January 3, 1841. Wit. John Tarrant, Leonard Tarrant, James Tarrant. Recorded February court 1841. pg147

THOMPSON, Peter. All my children. Executor James Barnett. Dated March 16, 1814. Wit. William Wiet, Able Barnett, John Hendricks. Recorded April court 1814. This will was again produced in court and the signature of John Hendrick proved by the oath of Jonathan Hobson. pg25

TIGERT, Isabella. Son John. To William McGowan and my daughter Hannah Chapman; to my daughter Jane Read. To children of my deceased daughter Hettie F. Hutchison. Executors son in law Thomas Chapman, son John Tigert and Vincent S. Hay. Wit. W.T. martin, Oliver C. Carson, V.S. Hay. Dated July 2, 1846. Proved July court 1847.

TOTTY, William. Wife Mary. Children Betsy, Leonard, John. Grandson, Leonard Harris. To Larkin Christy. Dated February 28, 1839. Executor son, Leonard. Wit. Geroge Russell, Samuel Russell, John Beckham. Recorded July court 1839. pg137

TURNER, Cornelius. Wife Sarah. Children, Levi, Mary Cox, Elizabeth Stahl, Swinney, Rebecca Ragland, Robert, Nancy Thompson, Cintha. To my son Swinney Turner and Warren Thompson trustees in trust for the special support of my daughter Ann. Said trusteeship to exist only during William C. Turner's life and at his death the aforesaid servants to vest in her and her heirs. To my adopted child Sarha Jane Simpson duaughter of Azel Simpson. Executors, my son Swinnery Turner and Waddy Thompson, Ann Turner, wife of William C. Turner. Dated August 14, 1833. Wit. George W. Ronald, A. Mitchell. Recorded September court 1835. pg92

WADDLE, Noel. Wife Ruth. Asks Executors to buy of Wm. Robert Walters a negro woman named Silva and set her free. To my sister Nancy Waters and my half sister Patsy Akin all my reversionary interest in money which I may have coming to me in the state of Va. Executors, wife Ruth, WIlliam Joseph Feland. Dated Oct. 7, 1832. Wit. John H. Gorin. Recorded October Court 1832. pg55

WALLACE, Robert. Wishes no administration on estate by any person but for children to meet and divide it among them. Children Rebecca heirs Robert, Tabitha, Sarah, John, William, Thomas. Mentions John McMullen as tho he were a child of his deceased wife (a step child of his). The instrument of writing was produced in court and proved tob e in the hand writing of Robert Wallace, except the signature at the bottom, by the oaths of Goerge Allingham and Peter Butler and ordered recorded February court 1828. pg8

WALTERS, Jackson. Wife, Tabitha, her own children. Son Robert, daughter Frances Lewis, to Thorntain Walters, to daughter Siletey Woody, son William , son Washington H. Other children, James, Louisa Fridal(?), George, Judith Skiles. Executors two sons James and George. Dated may 18, 1843. Wit. B.C. Smith, James O. Hill. Recorded Oct. court 1843. pg176

WAND, Thomas W. Wife Hannah. Mentions land in Butler Co. Children, naming William, Nancy Kirkendall, Betsy James wife of Foster James. Executors son William N., and Asher W. Graham. Dated Sept. 29, 1837. Wit. Asher W. Graham, George M. Howorth. A codicil to this will is dated Sept. 30, 1837. Wit. by Stapleton A. Burch, Thomas M. Jones. Recorded November court 1837. pg117

WEATHERSPOON, Sarah. Son Younger, Daughter Dorcas, Executors, Major Weatherspoon, Younger Weatherspoon and John Isbell. Dated March 31, 1838. Wit. M.J. Bonner? Tho. Prunty. Recorded July court 1838. pg124

WHITLEY, Nimrod. Wife Elizabeth. To Bartlett Colyass and heirs (son in law I think) nephew Thomas Mars. My grandchildren the heirs of William and Nancy Bridges. Dated August 5, 1830. Wit. John F. New, Felix G. Wright. Recorded Sept. court 1830 pg38

WILKERSON, Ezekiel. Mother, Polly Wilkerson. To all my brothers and sisters. Executors my father William Wilkerson and my brother Abner Wilkerson. Dated July 28, 1832. Wit. Henry H. Smith, John Stagner. Recorded September court 1832. pg53

WOLVERTON, Peter. Wife Ann Catherine. Children, Andrew Jackson, Ann Elizabeth, Squire Henry Fisher, Effa Taggard. Executor enoch Floyd; Dated February 8, 1842. Wit. S.V. Goods, Reuben Turner. Recorded February court 1842. pg161

YOUNG, John. Wife, Margaret. Mentions family but names only son Isaac. Wib. James Hudnall, James D. Basham. Dated Feb. 9, 1845. Proved May court 1845. pg??? (192 or 193)